Top 10 Surprising Celebrity In-Laws



Top 10 Surprising Celebrity In-Laws

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These celebrity in-laws might surprise you. For this list, we'll be looking at some famous faces who you might not know are related by marriage. Our countdown includes Jamie Bell & Joaquin Phoenix, Emily Blunt & Stanley Tucci, Blake Lively & Bart Johnson, and more!

Top 10 Surprising Celebrity In-Laws

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Surprising Celebrities Who Are In Laws.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some famous faces who you might not know are related by marriage.

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#10: Blake Lively & Bart Johnson

Who would have ever guessed that the "High School Musical" and "Gossip Girl" universes would collide? Yes, it's true — Serena van der Woodsen and Troy Bolton's dad are in-laws! Blake Lively's older half-sis Robyn (who is also an actress) is married to actor Bart Johnson, best known for portraying Coach Bolton in "HSM." The couple said their "I Dos" in 1999. Since then, the couple has raised three children together, while Blake started her own family with Ryan Reynolds. This surprising connection seems to prove that it truly is a small world.

#9: Penn Badgley & Jemima Kirke

In the 2010s, two New York City-based shows ruled small screens: "Gossip Girl" and "Girls." While the series are very different, they share an interesting connection: Penn Badgley and Jemima Kirke. As it turns out, the "You" and "Sex Education" stars are related by marriage. Penn is the husband of Jemima's sister, Domino. The happy couple married in 2017, and Badgley was officially welcomed into the Kirke family. A musician and trained doula, Domino, shares another surprising connection with a celebrity: In 2019, she helped comedian Amy Schumer during the delivery of her son, Gene.

#8: Eric Christian Olsen & Daniela Ruah

For actors, one of the most awkward parts of the job can be pretending to be romantic with someone other than their real-life partner, but these two take it to a whole new level. Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah may play spouses on "NCIS: Los Angeles," but they’re brother and sister-in-law in real life! Ruah married Eric’s brother David - who happens to be little bro Eric’s stunt double - in 2014. The relatives/co-stars had gone on record to address the unusual circumstances, stating that it's all about remaining professional. Sure, it's uncomfortable, but thanks to a good sense of humor, Olsen and Ruah make it work.

#7: Jamie Bell & Joaquin Phoenix

Who would have ever thought Billy Elliot and Arthur Fleck would ever have anything in common? It turns out the actors who brought them to life are related. Yes, Jamie Bell and Joaquin Phoenix are almost brothers-in-law, with Bell married to Kate Mara and Phoenix engaged to sister Rooney Mara. The former married in 2017, while the latter have been fiancés since 2019. Each couple has since welcomed their own children into the world and expanded their broods. The quartet is rightfully super private about their romances, but one thing we do know is that this family is jammed-packed with talent.

#6: Cameron Diaz & Nicole Richie

After announcing her retirement from acting in 2018, former actress Cameron Diaz has been living in domestic bliss in California. Between marrying Good Charlotte's Benji Madden and welcoming their daughter Raddix, she settled down to enjoy undivided family time, including bonding with sister-in-law Nicole Richie. The former "Simple Life" reality star married the musician and Benji's twin, Joel Madden, in 2010. The two ladies have been spotted hanging out together on several occasions and seem to be quite close as they raise their families outside of the glare of the spotlight.

#5: Chris Pratt & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt and Arnold Schwarzenegger share a special connection that goes far beyond them being major action stars. Yes, the "Jurassic World" actor and the "The Terminator" himself are father and son-in-law. Pratt married Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine, in 2019. The following year, the couple welcomed a daughter, Lyla. The birth made Pratt's son Jack a big brother and Arnold a first-time grandfather. We can imagine having the former Governor of California as your father-in-law would be super intimidating, but it seems like it's nothing but love for both parties. Pratt is also a member of the Kennedy family through Katherine’s mother, Maria Shriver.

#4: Ashlee Simpson & Diana Ross

After her marriage to Pete Wentz ended, Ashlee Simpson found love again with longtime friend Evan Ross, the son of music legend Diana Ross. In 2014 he popped the question, and the couple became husband and wife after about a year of dating. Their ceremony took place on Diana's Connecticut property, and Ashlee was inducted into the Ross dynasty. Their union also means that Ashlee's sis Jessica Simpson and "Blackish" star Tracee Ellis Ross are sisters-in-law. Full of star power, this family's talent meter is off the charts.

#3: Lily Collins, Malcom McDowell, Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen

Settle in because this one is going to take some explaining! In 2021, "Emily in Paris" star Lily Collins married filmmaker Charlie McDowell. The writer-director is the son of Academy Award winner Mary Steenbergen and British actor Malcolm McDowell. However, the celebrity familial connection doesn't stop there. Since 1995, Steenbergen has been married to "The Good Place" and "Cheers" alum Ted Danson, who is stepfather to Charlie. And then there's Lily's own famous lineage, which begins with her father, music icon Phil Collins. How's that for six degrees of separation?

#2: Emily Blunt & Stanley Tucci

After wrapping her star-making role in "The Devil Wears Prada," Emily Blunt walked away with multiple award nominations and a strong friendship with co-star Stanley Tucci. Their bond was so tight that "The Lovely Bones" actor was a guest at Blunt's 2010 nuptials to John Krasinski. It was there that Stanley ran into Emily's sister Felicity, a literary agent. Having previously met before on a red carpet, the two bonded over their shared love of food and soon sparks flew. The two tied the knot in 2012 and celebrated with a reception at the same restaurant where their first date took place.

#1: Mark Ronson & Meryl Streep

Becoming son-in-law to someone as famous as screen legend Meryl Streep would be intimidating for anyone. However, Mark Ronson has his fair share of achievements. Before marrying Streep's daughter, actress Grace Gummer in 2021, the songwriter and music producer had collaborated with everyone from Adele to Bruno Mars to the late Amy Winehouse. In 2019, he won multiple awards, including an Oscar, for co-writing Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’'s hit "Shallow" from the film "A Star is Born." Between Streep and Ronson's talents as well as their many accolades, it is clear that talent runs deep in this family.