Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Dylan O'Brien



Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Dylan O'Brien

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These are the moments that made us love Dylan O'Brien. For this list, we'll be looking at the American actor's best off-screen moments. Our countdown includes almost YouTuber, dog person, tweet about it, and more!

Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Dylan O'Brien

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Dylan O’Brien.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the American actor’s best off-screen moments.

There are so many reasons to love Dylan, so let us know if you think we missed any lovable moments in the comments below!

#10: Sticking to His Were-Roots

The premiere of Teen Wolf had us all feeling like we were bitten by an alpha. Dylan O’Brien’s breakout role as Stiles Stilinski is where most of our obsessions began. Now, over ten years after the show first aired, O’Brien still pays homage to his iconic role. While some actors may cringe at their earlier work, Dylan reveres the start of his career. Whether it’s in a tweet, or in an interview, he speaks so highly of his character, the cast and crew, and the show’s impact. It’s so heartwarming to know that the actor that played the character we fell in love with, also has love for Stiles.

#9: Almost YouTuber

Many of us recognize Dylan from the big and small screens - but did you know he almost ran our computer screens, as well? He actually started his acting career on his YouTube channel under the alias of “moviekidd826”. The aspiring teenage actor posted several videos at the height of the video sharing platform’s success. From getting rid of holiday decorations, to tips on how to ace standardized tests - the actor gives us range. While most of his content was created pre-stardom, Dylan returned to his channel in 2018 to update us on his life after fame. As expected, it’s nothing short of hilarious.

#8: Fanboy Moments

Stars - they’re just like us! There’s something very comforting in knowing that celebrities also geek out over pop culture. Sometimes it’s easy to feel detached from those in the spotlight, but O’Brien always finds a way to keep it relatable, especially when it comes to the way he stans pop girl groups. Nothing can beat his love for Little Mix though. When an interviewer asked about his pump up tracks, he was quick to shout out the group. Despite his reputation for making jokes, O’Brien is very sincere in his fan status. He even half-heartedly implies that the group become a part of his rider when doing press. But as we now know, he “[doesn’t] joke about Little Mix.”

#7: Dog Person

What’s more adorable than a puppy? Just add Dylan O’Brien. The actor has made his love for pups well-known. But the many moments between Dylan and his canine “Love and Monsters” co-star make our hearts melt. His connection to furry friends is definitely apparent on-screen, but also in interviews. He gushes over his time working with the “best boy”, and his phenomenal acting skills. Aside from working with dogs on screen, he also can’t deny the opportunity to do press with pups on-set. When flooded with puppies, he can barely even answer any questions. His attention to animals is so sweet and touching to watch. Honestly, we can’t tell who we’re more jealous of: man or his best friend.

#6: Opening Up About His Accident

The “Maze Runner” actor suffered a severe accident on the set of the third installment of the franchise. Back in 2016, a stunt went horribly wrong when O’Brien was struck by a stunt car. The accident left him with some pretty traumatic injuries, forcing production to halt for several months while he recovered. Thankfully, he healed from his injuries and made the difficult decision to continue on with acting. Although he was reluctant at first, Dylan opened up about the terrifying experience and explained how he couldn’t let it take him off of his path. He has since returned to stunts and action-packed films. We have to commend his courage both on set, and in sharing his experience with the world.

#5: Tweet About It

In this day and age, social media is everything. While you can’t really keep up with Dylan on Instagram, he is very active on Twitter - and we are extremely thankful. His feed is both funny and relatable. From standing up for what he believes in, to cheering on the Mets, to the random thoughts that pop into his head…there’s a tweet for everyone to enjoy. O’Brien even took it upon himself to hilariously create some custom stills for the highly-anticipated remake of “Dune”. And if you questioned if he could have actually been cast, he also posts skits he makes with the help of some friends that show off his top-tier acting chops.

#4: Dancing King

Sometimes, you just gotta dance it out. Luckily for us, Dylan’s captivating moves are all captured on camera. Whether he’s shaking it solo or cutting a rug with a crew, there’s evidence of it. Seriously - there are endless compilations of him dancing spanning through the years. These clips radiate positive, fun-loving energy. With the help of a few phones and/or cameras, we get to be flies on the wall for a moment of pure joy. We imagine that hanging with Dylan would be like a mini party. Now the real question is: which song do you think he’s dancing to? We’re willing to bet Little Mix is somewhere on the playlist.

#3: “True Wannabe…”

Remember that YouTube account we mentioned earlier? Well it’s time to talk about his most iconic upload. A little Dylan, a little dancing, and another legendary girl group from the U.K. are a recipe for success. In this short clip, a young O’Brien is filming a lip-syncing video to none other than the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”. That, on its own, is incredible, right? Well it’s all fun and games until he gets caught. The song choice is iconic - and we all know Dylan can dance it out. The video may only be 30-seconds long, but we’re sure that that moment of shame felt a whole lot longer.

#2: Real-Life Bromance

There were plenty of on-screen couples and tons of shipping during the run of “Teen Wolf”, but perhaps the strongest bond was between Scott and Stiles. One of the reasons this friendship was so endearing was because the two didn’t have to fake it. Dylan and Tyler Posey are actually good friends off-screen, too. The pair’s chemistry is extremely apparent in cast interviews and behind-the-scenes content. The boys gush over each other in interviews, even after the show came to an end. In the virtual reunion, Dylan gives Tyler his flowers by crediting Tyler with making him feel comfortable, and leading the pack…and Tyler’s reaction to the kind words is the sweetest thing. We have a feeling these BFFs will really last forever.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Blooper Reels for Days
On-Screen Or Behind-the-Scenes, He Manages to Keep Us Laughing

In The Band
He Used to Play Drums in His Band, Slow Kids at Play

Bleached Babe
2021 Was the Year of the Boys Going Blonde - Which, Thankfully, Included Dylan O'Brien

Momma’s Boy
Who Doesn’t Love a Boy Who Loves His Momma?

#1: Swiftie Status

The re-release of Taylor Swift’s “Red” album was a defining moment of 2021. Many fans eagerly awaited Taylor’s Version to drop - including Dylan. Over the years, O’Brien has let the world know that he adores Taylor and her music. From quoting her lyrics, to tweets supporting her albums, to fielding interview questions about his favorite tracks - it’s fair to say he’s been a certified Swiftie for a while. His status was solidified when Taylor cast him alongside Sadie Sink for “All Too Well: The Short Film” He continued to praise Swift at the premiere, even going as far to say that he couldn’t believe she knew who he was. We have a feeling we’ll always remember this video all too well.

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