Top 10 iCarly References Only Original Fans Understand In the Reboot



Top 10 iCarly References Only Original Fans Understand In the Reboot

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Only OG fans will understand these "iCarly" reboot references. For this list, we'll be looking at the best easter eggs, nods, and other references in the new series that will give its predecessor's viewers some major nostalgia. Our countdown includes Spencer's sculptures, the bunny outfit, iThrowbacks, and more!

Top 10 iCarly Performances Only Original Fans Understand in the Reboot

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 “iCarly” References Only Original Fans Understand in the Reboot.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best easter eggs, nods, and other references in the new series that will give its predecessor’s viewers some major nostalgia.

What classic “iCarly” feature would you love to see on the reboot? Let us know in the comments.

#10: The Dress From the Final Episode
"iGot Your Back"

The original “iCarly” came to an end in 2012. But that didn’t stop some fans from noticing this throwback detail from the bittersweet finale. Back then, Carly wore this beautiful pink gown for the Air Force’s Father-Daughter dance. Considering how much the event meant to her, we understand that the dress would hold plenty of sentimental value. So it was really special to see her dust it off – with some modern adjustments – in the reboot. It was also a great way to bring back those crazy, wacky, and perfect “iCarly” memories. Plus, we’d totally still wear that outfit today.

#9: Team Creddie

Hardcore “iCarly” fans fell hard on either side of the team Creddie or team Seddie debate. So when Carly brought up her past with Freddie in the revival, those intense feelings probably came flooding back. As you may recall, he always had feelings for her, but she only returned them after he saved her life. Still, things didn’t pan out for them. He and Sam were also an item for some time, although that didn’t last either. Now, the revival keeps hinting at a possible romance between Carly and Freddie, undoubtedly igniting hope among many fans. Do you think Creddie should be endgame?

#8: Ridgeway Junior High School
“iLove Gwen”

Even though the main characters’ school days are now long behind them, it was still exciting to head back to Ridgeway. After all, so many crazy antics took place in those very halls, and it would’ve been wrong to forget where it all went down. Luckily, like any good Junior High plot should be, this episode was full of drama. We’d probably find it weird to walk through our own school halls, but Carly and co. revisiting their old stomping grounds was purely nostalgic. The episode was even topped off with a trip to the principal’s office, though it ended before we got to see the moment play out. We just hope this isn’t the last we see of Ridgeway!

#7: iThrowbacks
“iRobot Wedding”

Nevels’ robot wedding feels like a throwback in itself, but there are also some other moments in this episode that only O.G. fans would notice. Naturally, we’re reminded of the crew’s long history with the creepy Nevel Papperman. There’s a callback to the “iCarly” hacking incident, and a mention of the time he forced Freddie into a robot costume at the “Halfoween” party. This isn’t the only time the reboot references previous occurrences or characters, either. The ninth episode sees the return of Griffin, who initially appears to have changed, though it winds up being part of a scheme. Who knows what kind of epic throwback could be next?!

#6: Carly’s Suspect Board
“iHate Carly”

In this episode, Carly is tormented by an anonymous online hater. In her determination to unveil the troll’s identity, she creates a board similar to ones often seen in crime dramas. Only fans of the original series will recognize some of her chosen suspects, though. We’ve already discussed Nevel, so his inclusion probably doesn’t come as a surprise. The board also features Carly’s irritable former English teacher, Ms. Briggs, Freddie’s mom, who appears in the reboot, and Lewbert Sline, the unpleasant Bushwell Plaza doorman. Incidentally, Lewbert will appear in season two. We can’t wait to see how the last years have treated him, and we hope this means there’ll be more guest spots on the horizon too.

#5: iCarly Skits

It’s safe to say that the weird, wonderful, and wacky “bits” the gang came up with for their online show made “iCarly” what it was. Of course, Carly’s much more mature now. But she still knows how to give fans what they want! Some iconic skits that have been mentioned include “The Idiot Farm Girl” and “George the Bra.” Of course, we also got to see “Baby Spencer,” who made a full-blown comeback for Carly’s rebooted web show. And we don’t know if this was intentional, but the “sandstorm,” felt a bit like a subtle riff on those old “Random Dancing” moments! There’s certainly no shortage of material to draw from, so we’re excited to see what’s next.

#4: The Bunny Outfit
“iHate Carly”

In the second episode of the revival, Carly’s seen after filming a make-up tutorial dressed as a rabbit. As any true fan would tell you, the last time Carly donned a bunny outfit was a pretty pivotal moment in the series. She’s dared by a fan to wear it while offering to brush people’s teeth for $1. While filming the segment, she doesn’t notice the approaching taco truck and gets saved by Freddie. Fast-forward, and now Harper’s in the new fluffy bunny suit, as well. When she thinks Carly’s online nemesis might be in the apartment, she yells out. Sure, it could just be a coincidence, but we doubt it.

#3: Nora Dershlit Returns
“iHate Carly”

Only original “iCarly” fans can understand the gang’s terror when they bump into this blast from the past. In case you forgot, Nora was an eccentric and obsessive “iCarly” fan who locked the central trio up twice, and even did time in jail. When they meet her again in a Skybucks, she appears to be doing much better. But that one encounter with Carly and Freddie seemingly sends her into a spiral, and she reverts back to her awkward frenzied fan-girl ways. She crashes Carly’s date, and later scales her building to break into her apartment. Given the history, we imagine that we haven’t seen the last of Nora Dershlit just yet.

#2: Spencer’s Sculptures

Spencer's unique creations were a central part of the Shay apartment, and were part of countless episodes. In the reboot, we learn that he became rich due to a fiery accident that got mistaken for a powerful artistic statement. But it doesn't stop there. Some iconic throwbacks include a Bottlebot in the apartment, a reference to the Gummy Bear lamp, and a new Seat of Sitting. However, the ultimate nod comes in the form of the "Supertastic Sculpture of Stuff," which earned him a Jonas World Record back in the day. Hilariously, it's almost exactly the same as before, just with a “plus”!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Skybucks Coffee, Various
We’re Glad the Chain Is Still Thriving

The Pear Tech, Various
Fans Were Happy to See the Return of the Classic Logo

Spencer’s Photos, Various
You Can See What Looks Like Promo Shots From the Original Series Behind the Sofa

Carly’s Mom, “iStart Over”
So She’s Still Not Ready to Talk About Her Mother?

Spaghetti Tacos, “iThrow a Flawless Dinner Party”
You Know You’re an “iCarly” Fan if You’ve Tried This Crazy Delicacy

#1: Where’s Sam Puckett?
“iStart Over”

As much as we love the "iCarly" reboot and its new characters, there's still a Sam-shaped hole in our lives. After all, no one could brandish a butter sock quite like her. But Jennette McCurdy, who played Carly's badass bestie, chose not to return to the series. Some viewers probably followed her adventures in L.A. on "Sam & Cat." But if you were wondering what she's been up to since, Carly's got your answer. We love how the show honored her in its very first episode. Sam was such a significant part of "iCarly," and we hope they continue to recall the good times they shared in future episodes.