Top 10 Worst Things Gorr the God Butcher Has Done



Top 10 Worst Things Gorr the God Butcher Has Done

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
This Marvel villain is not afraid to go to some seriously twisted places. For this list, we'll be looking at the most heinous misdeeds this supervillain has gotten away with during his dark history. Our countdown includes Making Thor Feel Unworthy, Enslaving Countless Gods, Butchering Deities for a Last Minute Power Boost, and more!

Top 10 Worst Things Gorr the God Butcher has Done

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Gorr the God Butcher Has Done.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most heinous misdeeds this supervillain has gotten away with during his dark history.

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#10: Cruelly Punishing One of Thor’s Warriors Three For Stealing Bread

Before becoming known as a butcher, Gorr was a mortal being who spent most days hungry, weak and cursing gods for not helping him. After he gained powers from the powerful All-Black weapon, he made it his mission to slaughter and harm every deity possible. One of Gorr’s many victims was Volstagg of the Warriors 3. After Thor’s former ally was captured by the villain, the Asgardian was given barely any food. When a desperate Volstagg finally took bread from Gorr, the warrior was brutally punished. Making someone endure hunger after knowing what it felt like was needlessly cruel. To add insult to injury, Gorr mortally wounds Volstagg after the warrior makes him angry.

#9: Making Thor Feel Unworthy

When Gorr’s not inflicting physical pain, he enjoys messing with people’s minds. He particularly enjoyed getting inside Thor’s head most of all. During their numerous encounters, Gorr constantly told the god of thunder that every deity was selfish and undeserving of their power. The supervillain’s philosophy shakes Thor so much that he becomes unworthy to lift mjolnir after he hears the phrase “Gorr was right” from his ally Nick Fury. It takes the Asgarian a ton of effort and time before he’s able to wield the hammer again. Even when Gorr is nowhere near him, Thor still grapples with the mental scars that the butcher left behind.

#8: Slaying & Betraying Time Gods

Gorr eventually decides that the best way to accomplish his twisted dreams is to travel through time. Instead of building a fancy machine, he decides to use an extremely sickening method. Gorr discovers that he needs a small amount of blood from a peaceful group of time gods to accomplish his goals. However, he goes overboard and takes a lot more. After butchering all but one time god, Gorr seemingly promises to spare the last survivor. But the supervillain later returns and ends the last time god. Long after these peaceful deities were unjustly punished just for existing, time travel ironically led to Gorr’s ultimate downfall.

#7: Tormenting a Young Thor For Over 2 Weeks

Shortly after a youthful and arrogant god of thunder defeats ice giants, he follows a trail of deceased deities until he finds the butcher. Although Thor barely survives the battle by summoning a bolt of lightning, he’s unwilling to let the villain get away with his crimes. The Asgardian eventually finds Gorr hiding out in a cave. Unfortunately, the supervillain catches Thor and puts him in chains. The prince of Asgard is physically and mentally tormented for 17 days straight without any relief. Fortunately, his anguish ends when warriors arrive to help the god break free. Over a thousand years later, Thor’s memories of Gorr’s punishment continued to haunt the hero.

#6: Enslaving Countless Gods

Not every deity died right after encountering one of Thor’s greatest enemies. As part of a larger scheme, Gorr captures and forces an unknown number of gods to work for him. Any diety that defies him is either tormented or slain. But Gorr doesn’t just stop at the gods that live within his time period. At one point, he sends his warriors to the past, retrieves a younger Thor, and forces the Asgardian to work for him too. Gorr’s actions are especially cruel because of his timing. From the young Thor’s perspective, he was recaptured by the villain just eight days after his torment ended. It’s easy to understand why this version of this Asgardian was the one who beheaded Gorr in the end.

#5: Mortally Wounding His Wife

At some point during Gorr’s violent spree across the cosmos, he gained a very big pet peeve. He absolutely detested being referred to as a god. Gorr would instantly lose control anytime he heard the word. Unfortunately, not even his loved ones were immune to his wrath. When Gorr’s wife attempts to praise him by calling him a god, he immediately takes her life. But the most twisted part of this crime lies in her origin. It turns out that Gorr used the All-Black to bring this version of her life. Although this creation is essentially a part of him, he wasn’t willing to let her live just because she said a word he didn’t like.

#4: Forcing a God to Witness Horrible Crimes

During Thor’s journey to stop his old nemesis, he travels back to the cave where he was once tormented. He’s shocked to discover a terrified god of bombs namedShadrak is still alive there. The shaken deity reveals that he can no longer physically close his eyes due to Gorr’s cruel actions. After the butcher committed this despicable act, the villain forced Shadrak to witness other gods being tormented and slain. Making the terrified deity witness his brethren suffer and die would’ve been cruel enough. However, Gorr also made Shadrak help him build a weapon that threatened to upset the balance of the entire universe. We don’t blame the god of bombs for wanting to stay as far away from the butcher as possible.

#3: Trapping Thor in a Neverending Nightmare for Centuries

In the distant future, a one-eyed Thor was ruling over Asgard as its king. Suddenly, Gorr arrived and ruined everything. The butcher and his army made sure that every Asgardian that was willing to fight the villain was slain or captured…except for Thor. Gorr made sure that the god of thunder was the only one left alive in his kingdom. To ensure Thor continued to suffer, the butcher made his army bring the Asgardian King to the brink of death every single day. But Gorr didn’t allow the hero to die. King Thor was trapped in this endless hell for around 900 years. Despite suffering at the butcher’s hands for centuries, the grieving king was still willing to fight Gorr when the time came.

#2: Butchering Deities for a Last Minute Power Boost

The secret to Gorr’s overwhelming power lies in the All-Black’s most dangerous ability. Every time the butcher slayed a god, he became stronger. Gorr pushed this frightening ability to the limits during a pivotal battle. When three Thors teamed up to put a permanent end to the butcher, the desperate supervillain decided to slay as many gods as he could. He cuts down tons of deities in a short time just to try and get an edge over the Asgardians. The worst part of Gorr’s heinous strategy is that it ends up being completely pointless. Since the villain ultimately loses the battle, all the gods he took out died for no reason.

#1: Detonating the Godbomb

Although Gorr would have continued to slay gods one by one, he decided to speed up the process by forcing the deities he enslaved to build a giant weapon. The appropriately titled godbomb was made to kill divine beings while leaving mortals alive. And thanks to its intricate design, it had the power to eliminate every god that ever lived at any point in time. It was sickening that Gorr made captive deities build the tool of their own destruction. The only reason the supervillain didn’t succeed was because Thor absorbed the godbomb’s power at the last second. But if the Asgardian hadn’t intervened, all the gods that ever existed would’ve become Gorr’s final victims.