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Top 10 Who The F*ck Read My Diary TV Scenes

VO: Emily Brayton
We know you shouldn’t invade someones privacy by reading their diary, but when the temptation is so real there’s no way you can resist. Like the characters in these TV shows, the diary usually presents themselves to them so easily that it’s crazy not to read them! We’ve featured scenes from Ed, Edd n Eddy, Girls, Steven Universe, Family Matters, Rocko’s Modern Life, Code Lyoko and Modern Family.

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Top 10 TV Scenes Where Someone Reads Someone's Else Diary

This video is for your eyes only… Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 TV Scenes Where Someone Reads Someone's Else Diary.
For this list, we’ll be looking at scenes from live-action or animated TV series where prying eyes can’t resist taking a peek at and reading – or at least trying to read – someone else’s private diary, journal, or log.

#10: “A Bad Case of Diary- Uh!”       
 “The Fairly OddParents” (2001-)

After Vicky tortures Timmy with his personal secrets, he decides it’s time for revenge… with the use of Vicky’s diary. In an ironic twist, dimwitted Cosmo tries to be the voice of reason while responsible Wanda is enabling Timmy’s mischief. After skimming for juicy details, Timmy and Wanda try and sabotage Vicky’s chances of winning over her new crush. All their attempts fall flat… until they make Vicky literally cheer her most embarrassing secrets. Karma doesn’t smile on snoopers, so Timmy tries to make things right… by snooping through Vicky’s crush’s diary. Overall, two wrongs don’t make a right… for anyone – Vicky doesn’t get the boy, and Timmy and Wanda pay the painful price for invading her privacy.

#9: “Ray’s Journal”
 "Everybody Loves Raymond” (1996-2005)

You should always respect your mother… especially if she’s nosey enough to read your diary. It turns out that Marie read Ray’s childhood diary, only after decrypting his “ingenious” coding. When Marie gets upset at Ray, he’s afraid it’s because she may have read the more… sexual content. However, when he finally confronts her, it turns out that’s not what’s upsetting her; but rather, she’s dismayed by a very hurtful entry from when Ray was younger . Marie can be very nosey, but in the end, she just wanted to be a good mother. If Ray didn’t want people reading his journal, maybe he should have tried Robert’s technique of having a decoy.

#8: “The High Five of Doom” 
 “Rocko’s Modern Life” (1993-96)  

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or the first few pages. Heffer and Rocko get their hands on Filburt’s private journal, and the temptation is too strong. They let curiosity get the best of them and start reading the journal, where they come across some very shocking entries. Believing that their nausea-prone friend is actually an evil alien, Rocko and Heffer trail Filburt and “subtly” interrogate him… by making every sci-fi reference they can think of. When Filburt finally confronts them, the turtle reveals that the “journal” is not really what they think it i. Some pretty insane conclusions were jumped to that day, but at least Filburt isn’t an alien …right 

#7: “Tender Kisses” 
“Family Matters” (1989-98)

When Carl Winslow sees Harriette writing in her diary, curiosity overtakes him. She makes him promise that he won’t read it… but he never promised he wouldn’t trick someone else into reading it for him. He convinces Steve to read the diary to him, but what’s written inside is rather …scandalous. Carl calls Harriette out on her possible affairs, until she reveals the truth – she pulled a switcheroo with a fake diary to teach him a lesson. Still feeling insecure by what he read, Harriette has Carl read the last entry of her REAL diary to silence any insecurity he may have. Carl can be a snoop, but he really is lucky to have a wife like Harriette.

#6: “Log Date 7 15 2”  
 “Steven Universe” (2013-)

While Peridot is recovering from her becoming a Crystal Gem, Steven gets a hold of the tape recorder diary he gave her and decides to take a listen. Starting with the day he first gave her the recorder, Steven listens to all of Peridot’s logs about her experience on Earth – learning more about nature, practicing Earth’s customs, and getting in touch with her inner fangirl. Probably the most important entry, however, has Peridot trying to understand and grow closer to Garnet. As Steven reaches the end of the tape, we can all appreciate just how far Peridot has come; curiosity can kill the cat, but sometimes it also shows that you care.

#5: “Not in My House”                                                                                 
     “Modern Family” (2009-)              
Even when a diary is not the episode’s center plot, it can still lead to some funny misunderstandings. Someone has been looking at porn on the computer, and Claire thinks young Luke is the guilty one. Meanwhile, someone read Haley’s journal and Haley accuses Alex… but Luke actually IS the guilty one. What do both stories have in common? They both come together when Luke tries to confess to Claire what he did… but it’s clear that neither of them is on the same page. After some hilarious miscommunication, Luke is found to be the journal reader… only after almost everyone else has. Thankfully, Luke is not the porno offender… but then who is?

#4: “Hannah’s Diary”    
 “Girls” (2012-)                                     
Home Box Office (HBO)

Be careful if you read someone’s diary, you may not like what’s really on their mind. While the girls are out on their own misadventures, Ray and Charlie –mostly Ray- go snooping through their belongings. Along the way, Ray stumbles upon Hannah’s journal and –naturally- starts reading it… but he won’t let Charlie read what he’s just read. Near the end of the episode, however, Ray and Charlie perform on stage singing what Hannah’s written – her personal feelings on Charlie and Marnie’s relationship. It’s as awkward as you’d think it is, even more so next episode when Charlie and Marnie actually break up.

#3: “The Little Pink Book”                                                                                         
“Hey Arnold!” (1996-2004)        

Pop quiz – if you have a diary full of love poems for the Football Head of your dreams and your name is on the last page, where is the LAST place you’d want it to end up? When Arnold and Gerald accidentally get ahold of Helga’s journal, Gerald reads it to the whole neighborhood… much to Arnold’s dismay. Helga hides out waiting for a chance to get the book back before they find her name, while the boys try to figure out who wrote the poems… to no avail. Next morning, Arnold is reading to his classmates… and he’s near the last page. Thankfully, Helga acts fast and ensures that her love for him is kept secret another day.

#2: “For Your Ed Only”   
 “Ed, Edd n Eddy” (1999-2009)

After another one of their shenanigans goes awry, the Eds crash land in Ed’s little sister Sarah’s room. Eddy finds Sarah’s diary, and naturally wants to read it while Ed and Double D want to avoid the angry little sister’s wrath. They run and hide, but Eddy peeks in the diary …and it’s quite an interesting read indeed. With the entire Cul-De-Sac looking for the book, the Eds try their best to hide it… but find themselves cornered by the wrathful Sarah. The doomed amigos try to make a getaway, but karma has something else in mind. Once again, the Eds do time for their crime, such as many who read a terrifying little girl’s diary do.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
“Sue Ellen’s Lost Diary”                 
“Arthur” (1996-)
“Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat”                                                                             “CatDog” (1998-2005)           

“Not Quite Famous”                                                                                                 “Total Drama” (2007-14)

#1: “Log Book”
 “Code Lyoko” (2003-07)

We don’t encourage diary theft, but our number one pick shows that what goes around comes around. One morning, Ulrich wakes to find that his diary – which has info about Lyoko and XANA in it - is missing… and it’s ended up in the most annoying hands – Sissi’s hands. Even worse, she’s blackmailing him to spend time with her, or else she’ll read the diary to the whole school. Fortunately, while looking for Ulrich’s diary, Yumi finds Sissi’s; after reading Sissi’s scheme, it’s an eye for an eye, and a diary for a diary. After dealing with a nasty XANA trap, time reverses and Yumi returns Ulrich’s diary to him, unread and safe from Sissi’s clutches.
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