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Top 10 INSANE Jackass Pranks

VO: Dan Paradis

Written by Liam Hillery

Johnny Knoxville and his squad of professional troublemakers have being playing pranks for years, with each one resulting in large amounts of pain, tears, and laughs! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Jackass Pranks of all time! But what will take the top spot our list? Will it be Terror Taxi, the High Five, or the Golf Course Air Horn? Watch to find out!

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Good thing these guys aren’t your friends. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jackass Pranks.

For this list, we’re looking at all the Jackass movies, including Bad Grandpa, and choosing the funniest, most brutal tricks they’ve pulled on each other and the public. To be clear, these are pranks, not stunts. We have a completely separate list for that. As a warning, all of these pranks were performed by professionals, so do not try them at home.

#10: April’s Alligator

We’re sure Jackass star Bam Margera loves his parents, Phil and April, deeply, but you’d never know from watching these franchise, as he tortures them with all sorts of shenanigans. Audiences get a true understanding of Bam’s affinity for pranking his parents when he sets a real live alligator loose on April. Entering her home late one night, she walks into her kitchen to find the alligator lounging on her floor. April goes into full panic mode, letting her flight response take over as she hides in the laundry room, refusing to leave even after the entire crew reveals themselves. Can you really blame her though?

#9: The Electric Stool

Originally, this skit was conceived simply as an excuse to throw cards into Wee Man’s butt crack, however it soon evolved when the card throwing expert they brought in for the trick mentioned he had an electric stool in the trunk of his car. They rolled with the idea, and, with their new prop, turned the simple idiotic scene into a clever prank. With his back to the thrower and his exposed behind firmly on the stool, the guys gave Wee Man a shock each time a card was thrown. Best of all, Wee Man confidently thought he figured it out, adamantly claiming there was a throwing machine. Little did he know…

#8: Pit of Snakes

There’s no doubt the cast of Jackass is brave; they wouldn’t be able to pull of some of their pranks and stunts otherwise. Still, they’re not immune to fright, and throughout the films the cast plays on each other’s deepest and darkest fears. It’s pretty well known that Bam Margera is terrified of snakes, and in this clip he’s thrown into his worst nightmare. Better yet, he falls into it. Lured into a pit, Bam finds himself trapped among fake rubber snakes. Soon, however, the crew dumps real, massive, hissing snakes into the pit, and Bam freaks out. Near tears and unable to escape, he begs for help until rescue arrives.

#7: Gorilla Hotel

Much like April’s Alligator, the gang bills this one as a surprise animal attack on Bam’s parents. Three movies into the franchise, the guys play on the fact that Bam’s parents expect to be pranked. Rather than use a real gorilla, a stuntman is placed in a realistic-looking gorilla suit, and the hotel room is strategically dimly lit in the hopes Phil and April’s imaginations take over. The prank works perfectly, as they instantly believe the ruse. Furthering the ruse, the guys bring in a fake animal trainer, meant to alleviate Phil and April’s worries, but he soon falls under the “gorilla’s” attack. From there, as Bam predicted, all hell breaks loose.

#6: Sunscreen

Although Johnny Knoxville is usually the instigator of pranks, there’s no immunity among this bunch, so even he gets targeted from time to time. In this bit from the sequel to Jackass 3D, Knoxville doesn’t suffer a one-time prank; rather, the crew play a long con. Over the course of several months, the guys convince Knoxville to regularly apply a simple face lotion. In reality, however, the face lotion is actually horse semen. Yes, he put horse semen on his face; that actually happened. Of course, no prank is complete without its reveal, and the moment couldn’t have been sweeter.

#5: Valentine Punch

Part of the appeal of the Jackass group is that they’re relatively normal guys who made it big. In this skit, Knoxville plays on the cast’s developing egos, targeting their newly established fame for a prank. Staying in a hotel, Knoxville placed a fake love letter from a fan on a hallway wall. The letter is funny, but the literal punch line is even better. As the letter is read, the text gets smaller and smaller until the reader has to get nice and close, then bam! A spring-loaded boxing glove explodes from behind the letter and punches the reader right in the face. Needless to say, the gang easily fell victim and went with the punches.

#4: “The Beauty Pageant” (2013)

The Jackass guys have done some pretty outrageous pranks in public settings, but this one absolutely takes the cake. Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa enters his “grandson” Billy, played by young actor Jackson Nicoll, into a beauty pageant dressed as a girl. Knoxville certainly plays instigator, making lewd comments to over-the-top pageant moms, but the real credit has to go to Nicoll. He fit in with the girls no problem, and then turned it up a notch with a stripper style pole dance to Warrant’s Cherry Pie. Speaking to The Daily Beast, Knoxville disclosed that Nicoll worked on the routines for two months. His commitment paid off, as this was one of the most shocking bits they’ve ever done.

#3: “The High Five”

Sometimes you train hard for two months to learn dance moves for your prank… other times you hit people with a giant hand. Either way, the end result is serious laughter. Knoxville hides a giant spring-loaded hand behind a doorway, and lures unsuspecting cast members into the trap, which only gets better when they start to bring props into the mix. They get a few guys with flour, and even convinced one to walk through holding a tray of hot soup. He should have seen that coming, but thankfully for us, he didn’t.

#2: Golf Course Air Horn

They say simplicity is the secret to great happiness, and in this skit, we see that on full display. We have golfers out for a pleasant day on the green, but we also have the Jackass crew sporting air horns, and boy do those simple little toys cause a lot of laughs. Stalking groups from the tree line, the crew take turns disturbing the peace the moment golfers take a swing. This results in whiffs, long lost balls, and a whole lot of anger. The crew has a ton of fun throwing shade at the golfers as they try to flex muscles and intimidate. Sit back and enjoy; no one can wind a person up like Johnny Knoxville.

Before we unveil our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions.

Beehive Limo

Rent-A-Car Crash Up Derby

#1: Terror Taxi

It would seem wrong to award any other prank the number one spot. This one not only took immense planning, collaboration from every member of the cast, as well as an outside source, but it also - best of all - completely fooled the victim. The bit started as an excuse for Ehren to wear a beard full of pubic hair – and yes, he was tricked into that – but the real trick was far harsher. With Broken Lizard’s Jay Chandrasekhar portraying a taxi driver, the crew turns Ehren’s own prank of pretending to be a terrorist around on him. Chandrasekhar pulls a gun on Ehren, locks him in a trunk, and then pretends to shoot members of the cast. It was a 100% successful ruse.

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