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Top 10 Unforgettable Monica and Chandler Moments

VO: Lisa Yang
We love Monica and Chandler! The two are such funny characters individually and together, so of course we had to compile a list of the best Monica and Chandler moments! We’ve included moments such as when they ended up together in an alternate universe, when they almost got married in Vegas, when they first meet, their wedding, when Chandler quits his job to save his marriage, when they first sleep together and when Chandler and Monica propose to each other.

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Top 10 Unforgettable Monica and Chandler Moments

These two not only make us believe in true love, but true friendship as well. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Unforgettable Monica and Chandler Moments.

For this list, we’ll be sharing our favorite moments and storylines from Monica and Chandler’s relationship throughout “Friends.” If you somehow haven’t watched the whole series yet, be aware that there will be spoilers.

#10: They Sleep Together in London
“The One with Ross’s Wedding”

It all started in London. Monica and Chandler had always been there for each other through thick and thin, but it wasn’t until someone mistook Monica for Ross’ mother at his wedding rehearsal dinner that the spark between them turned into something more. Viewers were just as shocked as the characters were when they woke up in bed together the next morning. But what started out as a crazy drunken night quickly blossomed into a meaningful romance. After this turn of events, it was impossible to imagine either of them with anyone else.

#9: Chandler Quits His Job
“The One with Christmas in Tulsa”

After falling asleep during a work meeting, Chandler is startled to find out that he has accidentally agreed to take a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and Monica debate moving there together, but ultimately Monica decides to stay in New York after being offered the job of her dreams. The distance becomes a problem, with Chandler having to travel back and forth every week and Monica becoming jealous of one of Chandler’s sexy coworkers. But fortunately he makes up for it with a grand romantic gesture. We knew these two couldn’t possibly be apart for long.

#8: Their Wedding Day
“The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding”

In typical “Friends” fashion, Monica and Chandler’s wedding day is a near total disaster before coming together in the end. Horrified by the notion of becoming the Bings, Chandler gets cold feet on the big day, requiring the help of Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe to get him back in the game. Meanwhile, Joey, who is officiating the wedding, gets caught up at work and can’t make it to the venue on time. Oh, and everyone thinks Monica is pregnant. Of course all the issues get solved and by the time they’re ready to finally say, “I do,” everything goes off without a hitch.

#7: Chandler Pees on Monica
“The One with the Jellyfish”

This storyline was the first hint to fans that Monica and Chandler were destined to be more than just friends. While the group is staying at a beach house for the weekend, Monica and Chandler get into a spat because Monica says she wouldn’t go out with a guy like him. While they’re on the beach, however, a jellyfish stings Monica. Joey reminds her that the one way to get rid of the pain is to have someone pee on it. Monica can’t do it herself and Joey gets performance anxiety. Thus, it’s up to Chandler to save the day. What a memory to share…

#6: They Get Together in the Alternate Universe
“The One That Could Have Been”

In this classic “Friends” episode, the gang imagines what their lives would have looked like had they made slightly different decisions. Monica wonders what things would be like if she were still fat, and speculates that there’s no way she and Chandler would still be together. Chandler imagines what would have happened if he had quit his job. In this alternate timeline, Monica is still a virgin and she and Chandler end up deciding that her first time should be with him. What makes this storyline so adorable is that even when their lives are totally different, they still end up together.

#5: They Almost Get Married in Vegas
“The One in Vegas”

When the friends head to Vegas, Monica and Chandler get into a fight. While they’re spending some time apart, Monica comes down with a case of gambling fever. But eventually, they make up and head to the craps table together. After a few lucky rolls, Chandler suggests that if Monica rolls another hard 8, they get married that night. They scramble to pick up supplies for their impromptu union, but just as they’re about to go for it, Ross and Rachel beat them to the altar. Don’t worry, though: it only took two more seasons for them to actually tie the knot.

#4: Monica Tries to Seduce Chandler on Thanksgiving
“The One with All the Thanksgivings”

Monica and Chandler met way back when Ross and Chandler were roommates in college. Monica was immediately infatuated with him, but he treats her terribly because she’s overweight. After slimming down, Monica decides to seduce Chandler as part of a revenge plot the following year. Unfortunately, Rachel’s seduction advice doesn’t work out too well for Monica. Matters take a dark turn when she drops a knife and accidentally severs Chandler’s toe. To add insult to injury, she brings a carrot to the hospital instead of the toe. This flashback stands out not only because it’s hilarious, but also because it reveals jut how far Monica and Chandler have come since their first meeting.

#3: They Have the Twins
“The Last One”

From the beginning of the series, we knew how important it was to Monica to become a mother. But the road to having a baby was a tough one for Monica and Chandler. After undergoing fertility testing, the pair finds out that their chances of conceiving naturally are almost zero. They then have to go through a rigorous adoption process. So it’s extra satisfying when their birth mother goes into labor. Fans were in for a surprise when they found out that Erica was unknowingly pregnant with not one, but two babies. This was a wonderful note to leave Chandler and Monica on as the series officially wrapped up.

#2: Monica Puts a Turkey on Her Head
“The One with All the Thanksgivings”

After Chandler finds out why he lost his toe all those years ago, Monica apologizes to him the only way she knows how. Getting her inspiration from Joey, Monica puts a Thanksgiving turkey on her head and dances around, prompting Chandler to blurt out those three little words. Given his fear of commitment, Chandler immediately tries to take it back. A few episodes later, however, Phoebe attempts to get the truth out of Chandler. Caving in, Chandler declares his love for Monica in front of everyone and the two share a kiss for the ages.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Chandler’s Speech to Erica
“The One with the Birth Mother”

- Monica Seduces Chandler When She’s Sick
“The One with Rachel’s Sister”

- Monica Teaches Chandler About the Erogenous Zones
“The One with Phoebe’s Uterus”

#1: Chandler & Monica Propose to Each Other
“The One with the Proposal”

Chandler finally decides that he’s ready to take the plunge and propose to Monica, but when he finally gets up the nerve, Richard shows up. Worried that she’ll suspect that he was about to propose, he tries to throw her off the trail by acting like he never wants to get married. Well, that backfires, but ultimately Monica decides to take matters into her own hands by popping the question herself – but she can’t quite get through her proposal speech. This scene is one of the most romantic in the series and is definitely an unforgettable part of Monica and Chandler’s relationship. We still can’t watch it without crying.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite Monica and Chandler moment? For more friendly top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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