Top 10 Celebrities With Weird Hidden Talents
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Top 10 Celebrities With Weird Hidden Talents

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The rich and famous can also, at times, be strange. We bet you didn't know that Josh Hutcherson could make cricket noises, or that Mark Ruffalo was an adept unicyclist! WatchMojo is counting down the strangest celebrity hidden talents.

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Script written by Mark Sammut

Top 10 Celebrities With Weird Hidden Talents

The rich and famous can also, at times, be strange. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities with Weird Hidden Talents.

For this list, we’re looking at celebrities who have unconventional talents that are different and/or that they keep away from their main profession.

#10: Josh Hutcherson

Cricket Noises

Besides starring in one of the biggest franchises of the early 21st century, the young American actor has a quirky talent to fall back on – Josh Hutcherson can accurately recreate cricket and bird noises. Born in 1992, Hutcherson worked his way through The Polar Express, Zathura: A Space Adventure, and Bridge to Terabithia before garnering a worldwide following with The Hunger Games. But it wasn't until the marketing push for the latter film that Hutcherson's cricket skills became known. So, that's how Katniss learned the Mockingjay whistle...

#9: Kesha


Forget the tooth fairy, send your molars and canines to Kesha. Propelled by a successful feature on Flo Rida's hit song "Right Round," Kesha Rose Sebert took the pop world by storm with her debut album “Animal”. In the lead-up to her sophomore record, Kesha revealed to BANG Showbiz that she asked fans to mail her loose teeth. Receiving well over a thousand samples as a result of her weird (and unsanitary) request, the pop starlet used the teeth to craft a bra top, headdress, earrings, and necklaces... which was equally, if not suitably, weird.

#8: Kendall Jenner

Bird Noises

Part of the Kardashian family and a successful model, Kendall Jenner appeared on James Corden's “Late Late Show” to share a hidden talent with the world. The second youngest Kardashian can chirp like a bird and it is awesome to behold. Forbes' pick for 2017's Highest-Paid Model, Jenner is apparently quite proud of this talent, as Corben's talk show was not the first time the celebrity performed her call of the wild. If bird noises were not enough - and they very much are - Kendall is also hypermobile and can bend her thumb backward.

#7: Mark Ruffalo


The Hulk on a unicycle - Marvel, why is this not a thing? During an episode of “The Graham Norton Show”, the American actor and filmmaker revealed a childhood talent involving a unicycle. At the age of 12, Ruffalo picked up the circus skill, but 25 years had passed since the Spotlight actor last stepped on a unicycle. After the multiple award-winning performer proved that unicycling was still in his blood, Norton brought out a taller model for Ruffalo to conquer. Is there anything better than Mark Ruffalo riding a unicycle? How about Ruffalo and James McAvoy riding a unicycle?

#6: Aaron Paul

Canine Gender Guessing

Even if “Breaking Bad” failed to deliver, Jesse Pinkman's options were wide open. During a “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” segment on celebrity hidden talents, Aaron Paul announced he could tell the gender of a dog just by briefly petting the animal. Obviously, Kimmel brought out four different canines and put the actor to work. Simultaneously adorable and weird, a blindfolded Paul accurately guessed all four genders and even threw in a funny reference for “Breaking Bad” fans. Assuming this whole segment was not premeditated, you have to wonder how Paul picked up this strange talent.

#5: Jennifer Lawrence

Marshmallow Mouth Stuffing

Seriously, is there anything JLaw cannot do? As one of Hollywood's most prominent leading ladies, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Jennifer Lawrence is multi-talented. Alongside being an Academy-award winning actress, Katniss is a superstar when it comes to stuffing marshmallows into her mouth, a talent Lawrence demonstrated during a game of Truth or Dare with MTV. Less surprisingly but still impressive, the highly capable actress is a rather capable Mime. Acting skills aside, the marshmallows thing is the real scene-stealer.

#4: Katy Perry

Frog Facing

While serving as a judge on “American Idol”, Katy Perry struck a deal with one of the contestants; if they reveal their hidden talent, she would do the same. While the contestant's talent was rather tame – he could quote all of “Mean Girls” - Perry definitely did not disappoint! Stressing that it barely qualifies as a talent, and noting it was far from sexy, the "I Kissed A Girl" singer proceeded to puff up her face to resemble a frog. Self-described as disgusting, Katy Perry's talent might be best kept as a secret.

#3: Jessie J

Closed Mouth Conversing

Born and raised in London, Jessica Ellen Cornish sings better with a closed mouth than most people can with theirs open. Regularly praised for having a monster voice and a unique stage persona; during the singer's childhood, Jessie J developed this strange talent as a party trick for auditions. Pretending to be in a box, the "Domino" performer would close her mouth and hold a conversation. Initially, the starlet's skill does not seem too impressive, but then Jessie J started to sing "Bang Bang" and, incredibly, it sounded pretty good!

#2: Christopher Walken

Lion Taming

By this point, we would be disappointed if the physical embodiment of complete weirdness did not have a weird secret talent! Prior to winning an Academy Award for “The Deer Hunter” or dancing like crazy in the Fatboy Slim “Weapon of Choice” video, Christopher Walken joined the circus as a lion tamer. The actor was 16 at the time and performed with a lioness named Sheba, although the actor described the old feline as more of a cat than a lion. Whether Sheba was big or small, taming the king – or queen – of the jungle is impressive no matter its size.

#1: Pierce Brosnan

Fire Eating

Well, this is James Bond we are talking about; so, of course, Pierce Brosnan knows how to eat fire. Passionate about the performing arts from a young age, the Irish actor attended London's Oval House for workshops and training. During one particular night, Brosnan learned how to breathe fire, a skill that proved useful during an episode of “Remington Steele”. Brosnan's talent resurfaced again when he appeared on “Muppets Tonight” following the release of “GoldenEye”, but after trying a fuel he wasn't familiar with Pierce suffered blisters on his mouth, causing him to put the skill to bed for good.