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Top 10 Annoying Guys in Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

Alex Crilly-Mckean Why…why do you exist?! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Annoying Guys in Anime.

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Top 10 Annoying Guys in Anime
Why…why do you exist?! Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Annoying Guys in Anime.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the male anime characters who we wish came with their own personal mute button. Whether their quirks fall flat or they’re the epitome of douchebags, it’s fair to say these characters were nobodies favorite. Be on the look out for stupidity and spoilers ahead.

#10: Weevil Underwood

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters” (2000-04)
We’re not sure what’s more grating, this guy’s nasally voice or his obsession with bugs. Whether as a duelist or comic relief, Weevil never failed to make our skin crawl with his mischievous antics. He was a royal pain in the ass even back in his heyday during the events Duelist Kingdom, and then like one of his creepy crawlies he just refused to go away. Let’s just say that we were delighted to see Yugi rip him a new one with that MONSTER CARD-O rampage!

#9: Katz Kobayashi

“Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam” (1985-86)
A series that managed to take the splendour of the original and add even more darkness to the narrative, filled with so many tortured souls and cruel plot twists that no amount of crazy mecha action could mend our broken hearts. And then you have this little mistake. Annoying in every sense of the word and constantly messing up, Katz felt like such a wasted character even by sidekick standards that we don’t think anyone was crying when he kicked the bucket. Honestly, he’s nothing more than a blimp on one of Gundam’s best outings.

#8: Neito Monoma

“My Hero Academia” (2016-)
Oh please, please become a villain later down the line, at least then there’s a possibility Bakugo will make your face explode! From his first scene, Monoma showed nothing but extreme jealously towards Izuku and the rest of Class 1-A. Wanting to prove himself a better hero than the rest of them, he spent the majority of the Sports Festival taunting and ridiculing them to no end. His inferiority complex got real old, real quick. The only solace we got from his incessant ranting was we’d know Itsuka was always on hand to knock him out cold. Seriously, we could watch that on a loop.

#7: Makoto Teruhashi

“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” (2016-)
How do you make a kid with every superpower under the sun seem the most normal? By having every other character in the series be beyond eccentric, of course! For the most part, this worked like a charm…except with this guy. What’s his quirk? He wants to marry sister and do the dirty deed with her. Yeah, we know that she’s considered the perfect girl and that 99% of the population is in love with her already, but that doesn’t make Makoto’s antics any less…unsettling. We doubt he’s going to get anywhere, but someone should at least put him on some kind of watch list!

#6: Corkus

“Berserk” (1997)
There’s one in every mercenary band. While Guts made many enemies in his time as the leader of the Hawk’s raiders, none were more vocal with their disapproval than Corkus. A somewhat competent swordsman, all this guy desired was the luxurious lifestyle that came from the glory of their conquests. Threatened by Guts’ savagery and his growing relationships with both Griffith and Casca, Corkus remained a jerk right up until he got devoured by a demon. Yeesh, even if he was a jerk he certainly deserved better than that.

#5: Iok Kujan

“Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans” (2015-17)
We’ll give Rustal Elion this, at least he was honest about being a prideful prick. This guy on the other hand is all about false modesty. Born into wealth and power, the head of the Kujan family was just about the most melodramatic character in the whole damn franchise. Going on and on about integrity yet was about the least virtuous person you could meet. Using his own people as an excuse to lash out, acting preachy and basically contributed nothing. You bet your ass we were cheering when Akihiro crushed him into paste!

#4: Lambo

“Reborn!” (2006-10)
Don’t get us wrong, you wouldn’t expect any of the cast to pass for a next-gen mafia family on first glance. That being said, at least the series goes out of its way to show them develop into their new roles. Even the lead started off as nothing more than a spineless dork, but then went on to become nothing short of a total badass. Then you have Lambo. Okay anime, you want to give us a toddler dressed in a cow costume to serve as Tsuna’s Guardian of Thunder? Fine. You want to have him to constantly scream and cry no matter the situation? Not fine. Heck, an actual cow would have made for a better mafioso!

#3: Steely Dan

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders” (2014-15)
He may have only appeared for two episodes, but holy hell did he make it seem like an eternity. As one of Dio’s many lackeys, Dan used his stands power to hold Jotaro’s grandfather hostage. In exchange, he had the resident JoJo obey his every word. This involved shining his shoes, scratching his back, taking a beating for him, essentially humiliating him in the worst way possible. Thankfully his plan backfired horribly in the end, resulting in him receiving an oh so satisfying beatdown courtesy of a million Ora Ora Ora’s!

#2: Shinji Matou

“Fate” franchise (2006; 2014-15)
Whether it be the original Fate/stay night, Unlimited Blade Works or Heaven’s Feel, there’s one thing that remains constant; Shinji is an unredeemable shit-heel. It’s bad enough that he threw his lot in with the villainous Kirei, but the fact this guy is so cowardly, so lecherous and doesn’t think twice about abusing his traumatised sister is just infuriating! However, we can’t say he didn’t get just desserts, since he ends up transforming into the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen.

#1: Excalibur

“Soul Eater” (2008-09)
Ah yes, the ultimate sword. The blade of champions. A weapon of such magnitude and strength that…that…okay, I can’t do this! Nope! I am not going through this again! I already suffered once as Death the Kid at the hands of this obnoxious character and I am not going through that again! You think you know pain? You know nothing! This living weapon is so incompatible with meisters that anyone who does come across him ends up sealing him back away after just five minutes of conversation! Why do you people enjoy my misery?

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