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Top 10 Dark Souls Secrets You Never Found

These Dark Souls secrets are not only well hidden, but are also among the most fun and interesting moments and easter-eggs in Dark Souls that you will ever come across. Wether it's trying to save Solaire, or killing Gwynevere, these hidden treasures and secrets in Dark Souls aren't easy to find, and we're sure you missed a few of them in your playthroughs. For this list we're only looking at Dark Souls, and not all of the SoulsBorne games like Demon's Souls of Bloodborne. So join as we count down our picks for the best and hardest to find secrets in Dark Souls. Written by Thomas O'Connor

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Written by Thomas O'Connor

Top 10 Dark Souls Secrets

These secrets are definitely worth finding, so long as you can stay alive long enough to get to them. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the Top 10 Dark Souls Secrets. For this list, we’re looking at secrets, hidden areas and other goodies from the legendarily brutal game series. We're only looking at the hidden stuff from the three Dark Souls and not Demon's Souls or Bloodborne.

#10: Emoting with the Fire Keeper

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)

If you don’t spend a lot of time with the game’s Player vs Player side of things, emotes in the Dark Souls series don’t seem all that worth it. After all, if you’re surrounded by non player characters, I mean, who are you going to praise the sun with? But one NPC appreciates your swag moves, and that’s the Fire Keeper in Dark Souls 3’s Firelink Shrine. In addition to helping you level up, she’ll react if you perform emotes in front of her, reacting to your gestures with giggles, bows and sometimes uncomfortable glances at the floor. Akward. Still, top-tier waifu.

#9: The Corpse of Laddersmith Gilligan

“Dark Souls 3” (2016)

As his name might imply, this NPC merchant from the second Dark Souls game makes and sells ladders, allowing you to access certain areas of the game for a mildly exorbitant fee. Thousands of souls for a rickety looking ladder that he already had made and ready? That’s absolute and utter highway robbery. Apparently by the time of Dark Souls 3, his ridiculous prices made him a few enemies, and he paid for his greed. Next to the bonfire in Dark Souls 3’ Profaned Capital you can find his corpse. His mortal remains are surrounded by bits and pieces of ladders, so we can at least take solace in the fact that he died doing what he loved.

#8: Attacking Gwynevere

“Dark Souls” (2011)

The seemingly benevolent daughter of Lord Gwyn can be found in Anor Londo right after the boss fight between Ornstein and Smough, and gives the player the powerful Lordvessel. But she might not be all that she seems. Attack the Princess of Sunlight reveals her to be an illusion all along, cast by her brother Gwyndolin. And that’s not all. The sun shining overhead was an illusion too, one that has now been dispelled. For their act of unwarranted violence, the player is plunged into a darkened Anor Londo and receives the non-removable “sinner” status ailment, causing them to incur the wrath of invading NPCs.

#7: Sex Change Coffin

“Dark Souls 2” (2014)
When players first begin their journey in the second Dark Souls game, they’ll find themselves in the cavernous area known as “Things Betwixt”. There isn't much to see here, so most players just walk right through this area. Explore a little however to find two trolls, and a Persuer if you're playing Scholar of the First Sin, and also this innocuous coffin resting on the edge of a lake. Enter this coffin for a quick snooze and your character will emerge with their gender swapped. The change is purely cosmetic and can be reversed by popping back into the coffin. We're still waiting for VaatiVidya to explain the lore behind this one.

#6: How to Deal with Mimics

“Dark Souls” (2011)

The bane of many a new player, the terrifying Mimic poses as a simple loot chest, only to spring open and devour the player when they’re lured in with the promise of loot. If you survive the initial attack or wake it up by attacking, the Mimic is also a powerful enemy to face down. But one easy trick for safely looting these wolves in sheep’s clothing is to hit it with a Lloyd’s Talisman. This will put the ravenous Mimic to sleep, allowing you to safely remove the sweet loot they used as bait. Hush, little Mimic, don’t say a word.

#5: Mirror Knight's Backup

“Dark Souls 2” (2014)

Boss fights in Dark Souls are hard enough, but if you’re feeling particularly evil and want to help a boss splatter a helpless player, here’s a hidden secret. The Looking Glass Knight, also called the Mirror Knight, will use its mirrored shield to summon red phantoms during the battle. You can become one of those red phantoms by dropping a Red Sign Soapstone near the last two bonfires in Drangleic Castle. You may need to drop multiple Soapstones, but with some patience you should eventually be summoned to the battle to help the boss against the player. Just make sure you’re cool with the fact that you’ll be responsible for a few smashed controllers first.

#4: Sif Encounter

“Dark Souls” (2011)

One of the more tragic bosses in the first game, the Great Grey Wolf Sif is a gigantic wolf that once served the noble Knight Artorias. Under normal circumstances when you find the grave of Artorias, Sif will spring forward with a growl before grabbing its master’s sword and beginning the fight. But in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, the player travels back in time and puts the corrupted knight out of his misery before saving Sif in The Abyss. If the player does this before the fight at Artorias’s grave, the colossal beast will sniff the player’s hand, recognizing them and giving a mournful look before attacking.

#3: Early Access to the Mound Makers Covenant

“Dark Souls 3”

Covenants in the Dark Souls series function like guilds, allowing the player to reap certain rewards so long as they follow the rules. Many of these are PvP-based, and allow the player to engage other players in combat. One of the more obscure covenants in the third installment can be accessed earlier than you may think. First find the NPC, appearing as a mob that is typically agro, in Undead Settlement carrying a cage on its back. Hop in, we know it's sketchy but perfectly safe we promise, and you’ll be transported to a new area where you can join this covenant.

#2: The Darklurker

“Dark Souls 2” (2014)

Perhaps one of the most beautiful and fun to fight enemies in the whole series, this angelic entity can only be accessed by joining the Pilgrims of the Dark covenant and completing their questline. This is easier said than done, as it requires you to fight through multiple dungeons. But this boss is well worth the trouble. For starters, it’s beautifully designed: captivating and terrifying at once as many Dark Souls bosses are. And if you’re up for a challenge, it will put up a great fight that rewards you with the Darklurker Soul upon completion. This is definitely a boss to find if you crave more challenge.

#1: Saving Solaire

“Dark Souls” (2011)

One of the very few NPCs in the first Dark Souls who isn’t creepy, rude or secretly a serial killer, this noble knight has become a fan-favorite character in the Dark Souls community. But unless you perform certain tasks, he meets with a sad fate, turning up in the Demon Ruins having been taken over by a parasite and driven mad. But he can be saved by joining the Chaos Servant Covenant and unlocking the shortcut to Lost Izalith. In the shortcut, the parasite that would otherwise take over your beloved “Sun Bro” can be found and killed, allowing him to live and praise the sun another day. Jolly cooperation indeed.

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