Top 10 Most Awkward Modern Family Moments



Top 10 Most Awkward Modern Family Moments

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Alex Slade
Suddenly, our own family doesn't look that bad. For this list, we'll be taking a look at all the times our favorite family made us cringe and laugh at the same time. Whether it's in moments so wild and far-fetched that we could never see them happening in real life, or scenarios that are all too relatable, if it has us watching with one eye open and a wide grin on our face, it's eligible for this list. Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Most Awkward Modern Family Moments.

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Script written by Alex Slade

Top 10 Most Awkward Modern Family Moments

Suddenly, our own family doesn’t look that bad. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Awkward Moments in Modern Family.
For this list, we’ll be taking a look at all the times our favorite family made us cringe and laugh at the same time. Whether it’s in moments so wild and far-fetched that we could never see them happening in real life, or scenarios that are all too relatable, if it has us watching with one eye open and a wide grin on our face, it’s eligible for this list.

#10: Roommate Mix-Up

Ah, the classic case of mistaken identity. It’s tough for any parents to see their first born go off to college, but for this tight-knit clan it’s even harder. All Haley wanted was for Phil and Claire to leave. They, on the other hand, insisted on smothering her, giving her condoms, making her bed with baby sheets, and wearing commemorative shirts. None of this comes close to the level of embarrassment and awkwardness of Phil’s error when he mistakes Haley’s roommate for his wife. As if the situation isn’t bad enough, Claire, Haley, and the girl’s dad walk in. Phil’s explanation does not help.

#9: Stuffed Animals on Car

“Bringing Up Baby”
When thinking of stuffed animals, words like cute and cuddly come to mind. Not on ‘’Modern Family’’! As Cam and Mitch try to adopt a kitten, Mitch drives up with stuffed animals tied with rope to the roof of their car in a compromising position, and his car movements just emphasize the sexual nature of it. What’s worse is that Cam’s rant seems to be a narration of the dry humping, with phrases like ‘receiving end,’ ‘animal lovers’ and ‘satisfying its every need’ appearing completely out of context. Attempts by the two to reposition the stuffed animals into less impressionable positions fail miserably.

#8: Mitch’s Big Mistake

“Our Children, Ourselves”
During a run-in with his ex Tracy, Mitch notices a short person with her who has red hair just like his. The significance? Mitch had hooked up with Tracy eight years earlier, at their high school reunion. Mitch then assumes that he has a son he was never told about and asks to meet him. Cam and Mitch go bearing gifts, and what follows is one of the most awkward moments on the show, with Mitch’s alleged ‘son’ actually turning out to be Tracy’s husband of short stature. What’s even worse is the Little Slugger baseball glove Mitch hands over as a gift. Cam cleverly walks out. We would have too.

#7: Haley’s Young Love

“Airport 2010”

Upon noticing a cute boy at the airport, Haley observes him and then makes her move. And while he initially ticks all of her boxes, once she starts talking to him something begins to seem fishy. His outward appearance and maturity happen to be just that; a facade. Because in reality, he’s just a fourteen-year-old middle-schooler. Yep, fourteen. Naturally, this was not the age Haley was expecting him to be, and she makes a quick retreat. While viewers found this incredibly awkward, Alex could only laugh as Haley hung her head in shame.

#6: Claire Gets Her Coat Stuck In an Escalator

“My Funky Valentine”

Talk about role playing gone terribly wrong. This is one of those moments where you would wish for the ground to open up and swallow you. As Phil and Claire ascend an escalator, Claire’s coat gets stuck in the steps. While the solution would be to simply take the raincoat off, there is just one problem; Claire isn’t wearing a whole lot underneath. As if the universe wanted to spite them, colleagues from their workplace and a principal from their kids’ school appear, urging her to take the coat off to free herself, which of course she can’t. She manages to get free, only to drop her bra and underwear on the ground.

#5: Cam’s Phone Conversation with Manny

“The One That Got Away”
Poor Manny. Life is tough for a young boy trying to impress a sixth grader. When things go south with his crush, Manny goes off into the bathroom and calls Cam, asking for advice. Cam starts telling Manny what he should say to her, but they sound like the words of a sexual predator. Anyone who is within earshot thus hears what they think is Cam hitting on an 11 year old and ask her to be his girlfriend. He attempts to clear up the situation by saying that he’s talking to a little boy. Let’s just say that if this were a real-life situation, the cops might have become involved.

#4: Moon Landing

“Moon Landing”
Jay isn’t one hundred percent comfortable with his gay son-in-law, so what happens in the locker room doesn’t help. While Cam remains nonchalant, Jay is completely unsettled by the ordeal, so much so that he cites it as his reason for losing the game. A while later, they are back in the locker room, and Jay claims to be over it. He touches butts again, over and over with who he thinks is Cam… until Cam himself appears at the locker room entrance. Of course, he leaves the gym room in a rush and does not dare to look back.

#3: At the Restaurant

“The Future Dunphys”
When Mitch, Cam and Gloria take Lily to a Vietnamese restaurant, things don’t go exactly as planned. What was intended to be a lesson on appreciating one’s culture and heritage gets awkward when Lily tells the Vietnamese waitress that she hates Vietnam. Naturally, the server is shocked, as is everyone else who overhears. Mitch and Cam attempt to talk sense into her, but Lily stands her ground. Mitch’s and Cam’s responses don’t exactly sound great out of context either. They can only make a hurried exit when the situation gets out of hand.

#2: Phil’s New Friend

“Mistery Date”
While cringe-inducing, this moment is also a sad one. Dave, Phil’s new friend from Cam’s gym, is invited over for a boys night. Mr. Dunphy himself is however unaware of the predicament he’s putting poor Dave in by all the easily misinterpreted actions he’s performing, ranging from hugging with their shirts off to inviting him to his bedroom for some ‘halftime festivities’. Dave, being gay, and assuming Phil is gay too, eventually can’t take any more torture and decides to leave, but not before kissing Phil. Seeing Phil’s realization is the icing on the cake.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:
That Little Hoe
“Won’t You Be Our Neighbor”

Proposal Rejection
“Three Dinners”

Claire’s Ex at Dinner
“Princess Party”

#1: Walking in on the Parents

“Caught in the Act”
This is probably every child’s worst nightmare. Walking in on your parents inevitably scars you for life. While attempting to surprise their parents with breakfast in bed, it all goes horribly wrong. In a matter of seconds, the breakfast tray is dropped, screams ensue, and Phil and Claire try their best to cover themselves as quickly as possible, all while Phil shouts that nothing is happening. But that’s not it for the kids! They have to endure ‘the talk,’ which is only bearable because they tune everything out and just smile.