Top 10 Once Upon a Time Plot Holes You Didn’t Notice



Top 10 Once Upon a Time Plot Holes You Didn't Notice

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Tal Fox
It's time to look at the Once Upon a Time plot holes you didn't notice.
No amount of magic could make us forget about these inconsistencies now. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting our picks for the Top 10 Plot Holes in Once Upon A Time That You Didn’t Notice.

For this list, we’ll be looking at plot holes, inconsistencies and anything that makes no sense from the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke in the fairy tale drama television series.

#10: What Are the Characters’ Ages?

If you think you can unravel these complicated timelines, be our guest. But it seems that with every season of this show, timelines have become more convoluted and we just became more confused. From Rumple and Neal to Snow and Regina, we can never really be sure how old any of our favorite characters are. However, we do have to ask, why wasn’t anyone suspicious that only one kid in Storybrooke ever got older? It seems that for every new character we met, the writers may just have lost track of all the timelines altogether.

#9: How Does Storybrooke Operate as an Invisible Town?

Given that Storybrooke is hidden from outsiders, we have to wonder how it manages to sustain itself. They can’t do business with other places because no one even knows they exist and, we only ever see a handful of businesses in the small town itself. So what we really want to know is how does anyone earn their keep? Somehow everything in Storybrooke is cheap from $2.49 for a cheesesteak to 15 cents for a gallon of gas. But if only a few people have jobs, how can anyone afford anything?

#8: What Are the Origins of the Storybook?

The storybook plays a significant role throughout the series, so you’d think we might learn more about its origins. Yet, all we know is that one day it appeared to Mary Margaret, who shared it with Henry when he most needed hope. We could just suspend our disbelief and admit we don’t know the laws of magic, but we are curious as to where the book came from. How and why did Mary Margaret get it? And where was it before? We guess this is one mystery that will remain unsolved.

#7: What Happened to Emma’s Superpower?

Without even knowing about her magical background, our protagonist claims to have a superpower. She says that she can sense when she’s being lied to, which is an awesome skill, only it’s too bad that it’s not completely reliable. It seems that this superpower only works when it serves the story and other times the idea is abandoned entirely. For example, when she interviews a crash victim, she is oblivious to his lies. Snow suggests that Emma’s emotions sometimes overpower this special ability, but we can’t say we are particularly convinced...

#6: Where’s Ruby?

Our favorite red-hood-wearing werewolf was upgraded to season regular after the first season… but then she just disappeared. The executive producers introduced so many new characters that her story was put on hold and we didn’t see her again until she landed in Oz. We were excited to see her spark with Dorothy and to see Ruby finally feel like she’s found her place as the pair share true love’s kiss. We would have loved to see what adventures they would go on to share after that, but we guess we’ll never know.

#5: Is the Evil Queen Really All That Evil?

The Evil Queen was pretty evil, so when Regina decided to split herself in two, we assumed her villainous side would be positively vile. However, in this case good and evil prove it isn’t so black and white as the Evil Queen tells Regina all she knows about the antidote to her sleeping curse, despite finally having Snow White within her grasp. Who knows, maybe motherhood softened her too. And all it took was for the evil in Evil queen to simply melt away was for Regina to show her a little love and compassion!

#4: What Happened to the Characters Who Didn’t Make It to Storybrooke?

Even Regina, who cast the curse, doesn’t seem to know the answer to this one. We see all the Enchanted Forest engulfed by the curse, so we would assume all its residents were swept up too. Except, when we occasionally visit the Forest post-curse, it seems that not everyone made it to Storybrooke. Did they just happen to be out of town on the day of the curse? Could Regina choose who stays and who goes? Maybe Storybrooke was at maximum capacity and they simply didn’t make the cut.

#3: What About Mulan?

Mulan is possibly the most underrated, undervalued and underused character in the series. She always seems to be the friend in someone else’s story, whether that’s Aurora and Prince Philip or Ruby and Dorothy. After watching her heart break when she walks away from the woman she loves, we hoped to see her journey to happily ever after whatever it entailed. We aren’t saying that it had to involve a love interest, but we would have loved some more character development and even some closure. After all, it’s what Mulan really deserves.

#2: What Exactly Are the Laws of Magic?

They say magic always comes with a price - but the rules change so often, who can keep up? Despite being huge no-nos in the magical world, we see Zelena master time travel and Cora possessing a scroll for a love spell. However, we’re left most puzzled when Rumple tells Regina that magic can’t resurrect the dead. Now, you’d think you could trust him on this, but we actually do see a fair share of resurrections throughout the show. For something the Dark One claims can’t be done, there sure happens to be a lot of exceptions to the rule.

#1: Season 7 in Its Entirety

Fans were torn by the season seven premise featuring a grown-up Henry and all-new characters - well, kind of. As if the timelines weren’t complicated enough before, now we don’t even know what time period we’re meant to be in or know how old anyone really is. Characters who died in the real-world were reappearing now in the Wish Realm. And, is Henry still the author in this world? With every episode, we had more and more questions, with some fans even starting to wish the show had called it quits after season six.