Top 10 Times Will Ferrell Was Awesome



Top 10 Times Will Ferrell Was Awesome

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Timothy MacAusland
We don't know how to put this, but this hilarious actor is kind of a big deal. For this list, we'll be ignoring fun Ferrell moments from his film and TV roles, and focusing exclusively on his pop culture moments. Our countdown includes his “Hot Ones” appearance, When He Spilled & Filled His Guts, When He Gave a Commencement Speech, and more!
Script Written by Timothy MacAusland

Top 10 Times Will Ferrell Was Awesome

I don’t know how to put this, but he’s kind of a big deal. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Will Ferrell Was Awesome.

For this list, we'll be ignoring fun Ferrell moments from his film and TV roles. Instead, we'll be looking at those weird little moments of quirk and awesomeness from outside of his usual work.

#10: When He Appeared on “Hot Ones”

“Hot Ones” (2015-)

We all know Ferrell has a tempestuous relationship with fire the rest of us can’t see. However, for this interview – ostensibly to promote 2020's black comedy “Downhill” – the fire was in his mouth. Initially he handles the first round reasonably well, but then things jump up a notch. It’s clear that Ferrell strives to remain cordial and answer the questions in a professional manner, but it’s not long before he’s pulling out the tissue and tossing it to some production assistants. We don’t know what Ferrell did to deserve this, but we’re pretty sure he was hoping for some of that “Downhill” snow to cascade over him right about then.

#9: When He Roasted Justin Bieber

“Comedy Central Roast” (2003-)

We don’t know about you, but we would love for Ron Burgundy to sling insults at us, no matter the context. It would seem Justin Bieber would agree, as he seemed all too pleased to have Ferrell as Burgundy land some barbs at his expense. Burgundy’s approach from the outset seems somewhat defensive of the Biebs, claiming he’s “a man who works with his hands” before tacking on a few more commendations Bieber probably wouldn’t apply to himself. Honestly, we don’t know how Ferrell keeps a straight face through all this, because the STD comment had us laughing to tears.

#8: When He Spilled & Filled His Guts

“The Late Late Show with James Corden” (2015-)

Seriously, Will Ferrell should have gone on “Fear Factor,” because he absolutely would have killed it. In the meantime, though, we have James Corden to thank for bringing him on for his segment entitled “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,” which sees both participants having to choose between answering a difficult question or ingesting something disgusting. It’s kind of like “Truth or Dare,” if every dare was to eat something gross. Ever the professional – and refusing to disparage his own work or colleagues – Ferrell elects to fill his guts every time, and sometimes spill them afterwards in the conveniently-placed wastebasket. Although apparently he’s a fan of ant yogurt.

#7: When He Survived the Arctic Wild

“Man vs. Wild” (2006-11)

You know what, forget “Fear Factor.” We want to see Will Ferrell on “Survivor” if his expedition with Bear Grylls through the Swedish wilderness is any indication. Again, though, Ferrell surprisingly holds his own opposite Grylls, at least in comparison to any of us, largely keeping his sense of humor throughout. But it would seem that Ferrell just can’t escape eating gross animal parts when Grylls cooks them up a nice serving of reindeer head with a side of eyeball. Seriously, between Ferrell eating a fish eye in our last entry and this one, we only need eight more to get a “Top 10 Times Will Ferrell Ate Gross Eyeballs” list going. Can somebody get that trending?

#6: When He Was Between Two Ferns

“Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis” (2008-)

We know Will Ferrell and Zach Galifinakis have great comedic chemistry in comedy sketches, as evidenced by their “Funny or Die” video “The Debate-thletes”. Yet even before then, we had this gem of a sketch that sees the two one of the most ineffective interviews you’ll ever see. It would seem that every time Galifinakis wants to get a question out there, something comes to interrupt it, from a small child to half-assed sponsorship to… Jon Hamm? We know it’s all scripted, but it still feels like Ferrell and Galifinakis going all “Lady and the Tramp” over a handful of strawberries would be something we’d only see in our weirdest – and we mean weirdest – dreams.

#5: When He Sold Knives

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2003-)

Will Ferrell… knife salesman? Yeah, we could see that. This hilarious Kimmel sketch sees his filming space usurped by a mustachioed Ferrell who feels indignant over his “long-running” knife-selling show not getting the credence it so obviously deserves. Except Ferrell’s antics are only the icing on the cake, as he has an equally intense Ryan Gosling by his side. The sketch proved so popular, that they brought back Ferrell and Gosling three years later for another segment in our favorite late-night, knife-related shopping show. And we’re sure it had nothing to do with Gosling’s crime-comedy “The Nice Guys,” being released just weeks later. Get it? Knife guys, nice guys? Ah… yeah, you got it.

#4: When He Played Spring Training Baseball

2015 MLB Spring Training

Over the years, we’ve learned that Will Ferrell will do just about anything to promote cancer charities, including doing what no one else has and suiting up for ten Major League Baseball teams in one day. During 2015 Spring Training in Arizona, Ferrell took the field in five separate games for ten separate teams at ten separate positions, designated hitter included. Needless to say, the crowds ate it up, and Ferrell didn’t do too terribly for himself, recording an out on the mound and fouling off a fastball from the Giants’ Jean Machi. But what’s a day like that without a rousing speech to tie it all together? At forty-seven years old, Ferrell ended his baseball career on top.

#3: When He Gave a Commencement Speech

2017 USC Graduation Ceremony

Dr. Will Ferrell? Yep, that’s how we all have to refer to him, since the University of Southern California awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2017. In return, Ferrell gave the commencement speech at that year’s graduation ceremony for the school, and it is nothing short of awesome. Sure, he makes a plethora of jokes at his own expense and regales the audience with his memories as an undergraduate, but he also manages to tie those into the theme of venturing into adulthood with the determination to keep trying things. Graduation speeches can often be long-winded, but this one proves to be as funny as it is inspiring.

#2: When He Had a Drum-Off with Chad Smith

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)

Will Ferrell is no stranger to dressing up as kooky characters on late-night television, with his memorable turn as Little Debbie coming to mind. But sitting alongside his apparent doppelgänger, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, takes the proverbial snack cake. Sick of being confused for one another, they decide it’s time to quash their beef the only way they know how: a drum-off. Surprisingly enough, the contest is closer than you would think, with Ferrell showing off plenty of panache and prowess. Turns out Ferrell is crowned the victor, but really we’re all winners when he plays the cowbell alongside the rest of the Chili Peppers in a rendition of “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.”

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

When He Announced “Anchorman 2”
“Conan” (2010-)

Peter & His Heckler
“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)

When He Took a Lie Detector Test
“Vanity Fair” (2020)

When He Had a Meltdown Over “Twilight”
“Conan” (2010-)

When He Accepted the Mark Twain Prize (2011)

#1: When He Made “The Landlord”

Ah, the early days of YouTube. We were there, but so were Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, ready to make millions of people laugh at the antics of a potty-mouthed infant. Debuting with their comedy site “Funny or Die,” “The Landlord” sees Ferrell paired alongside McKay’s then-two-year-old daughter Pearl as a slacker tenant and an uncompromising landlord, respectively. The more Ferrell tries to convince Pearl that he’ll pay the rent soon, the more Pearl becomes vulgar and hostile, demanding she get paid so she can get to drinking. Say what you will about having an infant repeat such words, but the end result is absolutely hilarious, proving Ferrell knows how to play off just about anyone.