Top 10 Minecraft Ideas That Were Left Out Of The Game



Top 10 Minecraft Ideas That Were Left Out Of The Game

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For whatever reason, these Minecraft ideas just didn't make the cut! For this list, we'll be looking at the top 10 concepts, gameplay elements, or extra features that were considered, but left out of the final sandbox masterpiece! Our countdown includes Realistic Mode, Exploding Arrows, Customized World Types, DIY Saddles, Ruby Ore and more!
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Top 10 Minecraft Ideas That Were Left Out of the Game

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Minecraft Ideas That Were Left Out of the Game.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the top 10 concepts, gameplay elements, or extra features that were considered, but left out of the final sandbox masterpiece!

What ideas do you wish they added to Minecraft? Do you have any fun ideas? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Realistic Mode

Are you a fan of creative or survival mode? Because Notch wanted to make building your life in the wild even more difficult with Realistic Mode. This mode, which would have been triggerable from the pause menu, would’ve added a couple of gameplay elements to make things more immersive. Features like weight limits, hunger, and thirst management would make the game more difficult and detail-oriented. And it wasn’t the only immersive heavy addition the developer wanted to add either! Torches burning out probably would’ve been one of the more annoying “realistic” features. While it certainly would’ve been interesting, some players have said they would be glad the mode was optional.

#9: Exploding Arrows

Armour and Weapons are an essential part of any Minecraft playthrough, but unfortunately, some didn’t make the cut! Chainmail armor was a big omission. It was originally craftable, but now it’s only available through trading. If you wanted to personalize your gear a little more, armor markings were once considered. But a weapon that would’ve been a blast were the explode-able arrows. You add some TNT on the crafting table and those skeletons will spend the next 30 mins trying to find their head. Unfortunately, the effects seemed to cause framerate issues, but we ultimately don’t know why this wasn’t added! Perhaps it was too overpowered. But it would’ve been really fun!

#8: Customized World Types

This one's for the veteran players of Minecraft. There are a few menu buttons that have been removed since the game's early development. Do you remember the “Super Secret Settings”, which were some fun visual filters? Well, one feature that many players miss is the Customized World Types. This was an in-game feature that gave the player control over terrain generation. You could select the rarity of materials and the shape of the world. Due to completely rewriting the code on how the world is generated, these features were removed. They did reappear after the 1.16 update, however, they were considerably different and required a little more fiddling than casual players may be able to handle.

#7: DIY Saddles

This is an idea that everyone wants to be implemented, but for some reason hasn’t. Saddles for animals have always been strangely elusive, only being obtainable through finding it mid-dungeon. But since it’s a manmade tool, you’d think it’d be craftable! During the testing phase “snapshots” leading up to update 1.6, a craftable “horse saddle” was available. This was different from the regular saddle which could only be used on pigs. But this was weirdly removed, and it still frustrates players today. This isn’t the only unusually not-craftable item, and players have stated they want horse armor and golden apple recipes to make a return.

#6: Beer

Notch was obsessed with adding every feature he could think of during Minecraft’s development. Given its medieval-esque themes, there were a lot of medieval creatures and elements considered. Siege weapons are a popular idea, where you could mount canons on your defense walls! Things like troll enemies and goblin towns would’ve also been welcome! But by far the most “adult” addition would’ve been a brewery crafting table! With this, you would’ve been able to create beer, which might have affected your character upon consumption. However, since it was a game primarily for children, adding drinkable alcohol was undoubtedly considered a bad idea.

#5: Ruby Ore

Trading is the only way to get certain items in Minecraft, so the choice of what the villagers would trade with was an important one! While Emeralds are the current method for bartering with the natives of Minecraft, it wasn’t always the case. Notch had considered Rubys before the green jewels, which would have been harvested the same way. But the ore looked a little too much like Redstone. It was abandoned after concerns were raised by “DinnerBone”, one of the developers, who was colorblind. But if you are desperate for this gem to show up in your blocky world, there are plenty of mods that do the job for you!

#4: Holdable Torches

Light is a very important element of the game. Not only does it illuminate dark places, but it also helps stop hostile mobs from spawning there during the night! Given how essential torches are, you’d think holding one would be more useful than placing them endlessly throughout your mines! If you thought that, you weren’t the only ones. Notch had once considered holdable torches, but it was never implemented. It’s an active request from the community, with some even suggesting headlamps be added! But Microsoft believes that this wouldn’t fit the setting of Minecraft. I think we’ve all seen weirder things pop up in these blocky worlds.

#3: Removed Blocks

Minecraft is made up of so many blocks, it’s hard to imagine any that didn’t make it through. However, there are more than you may realize. Redstone was once going to be accompanied by “gear” blocks, which would’ve worked mostly in the same way, but the two would’ve had exclusive functions. You could’ve halved the dirt to become slabs. Wanted to give your shack a bit of color? Well, it was decided at one point that dying your wooden blocks might be a bit “too creative”. Are there any materials that you wish were added? All we can hope is that they will make an appearance for future releases.

#2: Different Mobs

Fun fact: Creepers were created as the result of a coding error with the “pig” model. But unfortunately, not all the creatures had the kinks worked out. Old school Minecraft players might remember the killer bunny with red eyes which dealt serious damage if angered. Ever wanted to fight a Kaiju in Minecraft? At one point Mega Beasts were going to be in the game, which were essential giant versions of normal enemies! Or maybe you wanted to get a bit more medieval with some overworld spawning dragons! The possibilities are endless, but I’m sure we don’t mind getting stepped on by some giant zombies.

#1: Sky Dimension

The lands of Minecraft are ever-expansive. With endless beautiful biomes and hellish landscapes to discover, you can’t help but wonder what else would there be to find? Before the release of Beta 1.8, you might have found the “Far Lands”. A towering, nonsensical fusion of blocks created by a terrain bug. But a place that players were never fully graced with was the “Sky Dimension”. These floating islands were supposed to be a dream world which was the opposite of the Nether, accessible after the player goes to bed. The idea proved technically difficult. While you can have a similar experience though certain maps, the original concept was rejigged into what we now know as “The End”.