Top 20 Most Powerful Ben 10 Aliens



Top 20 Most Powerful Ben 10 Aliens

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Matthew Guida
Across "Ben 10" and its multiple spin-offs, we've some extremely powerful aliens. For this list, we'll be considering the abilities and feats of each alien and their respective races to determine the most powerful aliens to ever appear in the iconic "Ben 10" Franchise. Our countdown includes the Anodites, the Tetramands, the Sonorosians, Vilgax, and more!
Across "Ben 10" and its multiple spin-offs, we've some extremely powerful aliens. For this list, we'll be considering the abilities and feats of each alien and their respective races to determine the most powerful aliens to ever appear in the iconic "Ben 10" Franchise. Our countdown includes the Anodites, the Tetramands, the Sonorosians, Vilgax, and more! Did your favorite strongest alien make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

#20: Galvanic Mechamorphs

Created by accident during one of Azmuth’s experiments, the Galvanic Mechamorphs are a techno-organic species with a natural proficiency for technology. Along with being able to morph into different shapes, forms and fire optic lasers, Galvanic Mechamoprhs are mostly known for their ability to bond with and enhance all forms of technology. As with traditional Mechamorphs like Ben’s alien form Upgrade, some Mechamorphs are known to possess unique abilities. These include the Mechamorph symbiote Ship, who can transform into technology he previously bonded with, as well as Malware, who absorbs technology to increase his own power, instead of enhancing it.

#19: Ectonurites

This species' ghostly appearance is more than just for show. Much like an actual ghost, Ectonurites can fly, turn invisible, become intangible, and can also possess a variety of alien lifeforms. While Ectonurites are vulnerable to sunlight without their second skin, they become stronger while under the cover of absolute darkness. In the case of powerful Ectonurites like Zs'Skayr, they can fire dark energy beams, perform telekinesis, as well as turn other people or aliens into ghostly minions. What’s even more terrifying is that even if an Ectonurite is somehow destroyed, all it takes is a single surviving strand of that alien's DNA for them to be brought back to life.

#18: Pyronites

No alien unleashes the power of the sun better than a Pyronite. Originally from the planet-like star Pyros, Pyronites evolved into the most skilled pyrokinetics in the universe. Packing enough firepower to melt tanks, Pyronites can also absorb fire, transport themselves and others via fiery tornadoes and also have the ability to channel their fire through the ground to ride a piece of molten rock through the air. Even infant Pyronites are a force to be reckoned with, as their tantrums can be supernova-like in power. Fun fact, the Pyronite Heatblast is also famous for being Ben’s first alien transformation.

#17: Appoplexians

Possessing immense physical strength, Appoplexians have retractable claws, are quite fast and agile for their size. They can evolve into an Ultimate form and are durable enough to survive even the most lethal blows. Living by the belief that any problem can be solved with their fists, they may not be the wisest aliens in the galaxy, but when it comes to fighting and wrestling they are a cut above other species. That being said, for Appoplexians like Rath, sometimes an extreme show of force is enough to prevent all out war between two alien races.

#16: Tetramands

Having survived on a planet where everything is out to either eat or tear them to shreds, it's no wonder Tetramands evolved into such powerful fighters. Boasting immense physical strength and durability, Tetramands can jump long distances, create shockwaves by clapping their hands together and their tough skin makes them resistant to fire and lasers. All Tetramands grow stronger with age, however it is a known fact that female Tetramands are much stronger than their male counterparts. In any case, whether a Tetramand is male or female, the idea of facing one in combat is something even the most experienced warriors would rather avoid.

#15: Petrosapien

With the likes of Diamondhead and Tetrax among their ranks, the Petrosapien race are some of the toughest and most resilient aliens in the cosmos. Made of extremely durable crystal, Petrosapiens are super strong and can manipulate their bodies to form various weapons or fire crystal projectiles from their hands. They can also generate large masses of crystals from the Earth to either form large shields, create ramps, as well as trap enemies by completely encasing them in crystal prisons. While mainly weak against sonic vibrations, Petrosapiens are immune to acid, time rays and can reflect virtually all forms of energy and laser blasts. With such a powerful skillset, it's no wonder Diamondhead became one of Ben’s best aliens.

#14: Necrofriggians

If you thought ghosts were terrifying, this Mothman-like alien will literally chill you to the bone. After debuting in “Alien Force,” the Necrofriggian Big Chill became one of Ben’s most used aliens and it's easy to see why. Along with the ability to phase through solid matter, Necrofriggians can also choose to freeze anything or anyone they phase through. They are also super strong, can chew through metal, fly long distances, as well as breathe strong winds or ice beams powerful enough to tip over an RV and freeze their prey solid. Necrofriggians can also evolve into an Ultimate Form which not only sports an insanely cool design, but can unleash “fire so cold, it burns.”

#13: The Highbreed

These aliens once considered themselves so superior to other races, that they claimed they were the first forms of intelligent life in the universe. Members of the Highbreed possess the ability to fly, can shoot claw darts from their arms and are strong enough to subdue even the most physically adept aliens. While their natural abilities alone are enough to consider them dangerous, their formerly xenophobic nature, as well as their use of Xenocites to turn any sapient species into their DNAlien minions, made the Highbreed an even more terrifying race that threatened all sentient life in the universe.

#12: Sonorosians

Thanks to their agility and excellent teamwork skills, Sonorosians can outmaneuver their enemies before overwhelming them with their sonic screams, which can also be used to block or redirect enemy attacks. With the power of the Ultimatrix, Echo-Echo can evolve into his ultimate form, which not only has the power to fly but can also produce sonic screams, as well as ultrasonic waves via self-replicating disks. When used in unison, the sonic waves are powerful enough to contain nuclear explosions or instantly incapacitate powerful enemies.

#11: Vaxasaurians

If you thought Tetramands were dangerous, you definitely don’t want to get on the bad side of Humungousaur’s native species. Along with possessing super strength and incredibly thick skin, Vaxasaurians have the power to increase their body size up to a whopping sixty feet. With the power of the Ultimatrix, Vaxasaurians can transform into their Ultimate form. In exchange for their size altering ability, Ultimate Vaxasaurians gain a massive increase in raw strength, develop an armored shell around their already thick hides and can also morph their arms into bio-canons which shoot highly explosive missiles. To put it simply, the power and potential of a Vaxasaurian is as awesome as it is terrifying.

#10: Nemuinas

Underneath Pesky Dust’s seemingly innocent appearance, lies a power so fearsome that it terrified the likes of Khyber. Instead of raw power, a Nemuina’s true strength lies in the special dust they produce which can put virtually any being to sleep. After being knocked out, Nemuinas can then enter their target's dreams, allowing them to extract information or even manipulate said dreams, forcing their victims to experience terrifying nightmares. Too much exposure to their sleeping dust, will render a target permanently comatose. No matter who you are, none can escape the terrifying dream world where the Nemuina reign supreme.

#9: Galileans

Along with being one of the wisest aliens in the universe, Galileans are also known for their power over gravity. When active, Galileans can use this power to levitate and throw their targets, make them heavier, create barriers, redirect attacks, as well as bring even the fastest beings to a stand still. Their base forms alone possess ridiculous power, but thanks to the Ultamatrix, their powers evolve to an even greater level. Galileans must also take great care in using their abilities, as they can easily create a black hole. However, with enough time and practice, experienced Galileans can use gravity to produce Quasars.

#8: Conductoid

There’s a reason why the Conductoid Feedback became Ben’s favorite alien. Hailing from the Teslavorr Nebula, Conductoids are naturally gifted in the art of electrokinesis. Along with firing electrical beams and waves of electrical energy, Conductoids can also use their powers to absorb all manner of energy. Whether it's from an attack or even energy taken directly from living beings, Conductoids can use said energy either to attack or even use it to fly. What’s even more impressive is that Conductoids on the same level as Feedback show no limit to how much energy they can absorb, even if it's from a doomsday weapon that can destroy the entire universe.

#7: To’kustars

Although the To’kustars are “gentle giants'' by nature, they have enough power to destroy a small planet. Born from the depths of cosmic storms, To’kustars, like Way Big, are strong enough to throw beings as big as themselves into a planet’s orbit. They can also survive in the vacuum of space, move super fast, as well as unleash powerful cosmic rays by crossing their arms. By evolving into their Ultimate Form, a To'kustar’s natural abilities increase exponentially and they also gain the ability to fly. While regular To’kustar’s may be pacifists, mutated ones are a different story. Possessing all of the raw power of their peaceful counterparts but with a vicious personality, one could argue that Way Bads are a way bigger threat.

#6: Anodites

As one of the few alien species that cannot be contained within the Omnitrix, Anodites are free-spirited beings whose true bodies are made of pure energy. While very few people of Anodite heritage can inherit the Anodite’s “spark,” those who do unlock limitless potential. These aliens possess the unique ability to absorb and manipulate mana, the life energy of the universe. With this power, they can use magic, fire energy beams, fly through space, and create energy constructs. With enough training, Anodites can even manipulate reality to a degree. Mature ones, such as Ben’s grandmother Verdona, are so strong that even the all-powerful Omnitrix is considered beneath them.

#5: Vilgax

With titles like Intergalactic Warlord, Conqueror of Ten Worlds, and the strongest Chimera Sui Generis under his belt, Vilgax has more than earned his status as one of Ben’s most dangerous enemies. By the time he first encountered Ben, Vilgax modified his body to the point where he was strong enough to shatter mountains with his bare hands. Although Ben has managed to grow stronger over the years, Vilgax has also augmented his own abilities and even acquired new ones such as cyclone breath, laser eyes, as well as the power to transform into a giant sea monster. At one point, he even acquired the power of an extra-dimensional demon. Did we mention that he also managed to wipe out several versions of Ben?

#4: Ma Vreedle

Nothing’s more terrifying than the fury of a mother scorned, especially when that mother happens to be Ma Vreedle. Wanted in 12 star systems and banned in 27 others, Ma Vreedle is a ruthless gangster who will destroy anything or anyone that dares to threaten her children… except for the Vreedle Brothers. Along with being incredibly strong, Ma Vreedle is virtually fearless, has eyes in the back of her head to prevent sneak attacks and has access to an arsenal of lethal weaponry, including doomsday weapons powerful enough to destroy suns. Not only has she never lost a direct fight against Ben, Ma Vreedle has even traumatized Vilgax to the point where the mere sight of her is enough to make him flee in terror.

#3: Chronosapien

Chronosapiens may not be the fastest aliens in the universe, but that’s hardly a problem for beings that can manipulate time. Through chronokinesis, Chronosapiens can slow down time to appear super fast, fire time rays that turn people and objects to dust or de-age them, and of course travel through time. Thanks to their biomechanical bodies, they can also merge with Galvanic Mechamorphs or use technology to upgrade their physical and time warping abilities. Chronosapiens like Maltruant are especially dangerous, as they are capable of using their powers for lethal means and can even create technology so deadly, they can wipe out entire timelines or specific people across the multiverse. Thankfully, they also have the power to reverse this.

#2: Atomix

Even Ultimatrix aliens are no match for Atomix. This heroic alien with a voice worthy of traditional superheroes, is famous for being the second strongest alien in Ben’s arsenal of heroes. As his name implies, Atomix has the power to produce and manipulate atomic and nuclear energy. He also has the ability to fly and is so strong that he can knock down a powerhouse like Ultimate Humungousaur and send objects flying through a planet's atmosphere with a single blow. When Atomix gets serious, evildoers are pretty much done for once he unleashes his signature move that gives a whole new meaning to the term “going nuclear.”

#1: Alien X - Celestialsapien

Was there ever any doubt that these aliens would take the top spot? Born within the Forge of Creation, Celestialsapiens, such as Alien X, are recognized as the most powerful beings in the universe, and by extension the entire “Ben 10” franchise. Being omnipotent, Celestialsapiens can do virtually anything, so long as their inner personalities can come to an agreement. While they do spend most of their time debating, anytime a Celestialsapien decides to take action, they end up warping the very fabric of reality. With a single thought they can destroy the entire universe or create a new one in its place. Because Alien X is so powerful, Ben has vowed never to use him unless the universe is on the brink of destruction.