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Top 10 Riverdale Characters

Script written by Savannah Sher There’s a lot of great characters in Riverdale, for this list we’re countdown down the top 10! Who is your favourite character? We’ve of course included FP Jones [aka Forsythe Pendleton Jones II], Alice Cooper, Josephine ‘Josie’ McCoy, Frederick ‘Fred’ Andrews, Kevin Keller,Veronica Lodge, Archibald ‘Archie’ Andrews, Veronica Lodge and Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Cooper!

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Top 10 Riverdale Characters

One of The CW’s hottest shows is full of lovable characters. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Riverdale Characters.

For this list, we’re ranking all of the most prominent Riverdale residents as of mid-season2 and taking into consideration how complex they are - and of course how much we like them. If you aren’t caught up on the show beware, because we’ll be discussing key plot points.

#10: FP Jones [aka Forsythe Pendleton Jones II]

Jughead’s dad is one of the more nuanced characters on the show, vacillating between being a lovable screw-up and a straight up criminal. When we first meet him, he’s the leader of the Southside Serpents and quickly becomes a primary suspect in Jason Blossom’s murder case. While his involvement in the crime turns out to be murky, we know that his intentions weren’t malicious and that he only acted as he did to protect his son. We’re hoping that in the episodes to come, things take a turn for the better for this morally ambiguous character.

#9: Alice Cooper

You may love or or you may love to hate her, but however you feel about Betty’s mom, you can’t deny that she’s a vital presence on the show. Alice Cooper may be an overprotective and sometimes ill-intentioned mom, but she always knows how to stir up some drama. She can’t quite keep to herself and always has to have her nose in somebody else’s business, especially her daughters. By the end of the first season, it is revealed that much of Alice’s craziness is due to her domineering husband, but we’re still not quite sure we can trust her.

#8: Josephine ‘Josie’ McCoy

Whoever’s decision it was to make Josie (and the rest of the Pussycats) women of color, we want to give you an endless stream of clapping hands emojis. It gives the show an opportunity to discuss issues of race in what could have been a totally white-washed cast. Josie may sometimes become a victim of her own ambition, putting her needs before those of the people around her but that still doesn’t take away from what a badass she is. Both Josie and her bandmate Valerie have prominent roles in the show, and we hope they continue to feature heavily as the plot progresses.

#7: Frederick ‘Fred’ Andrews

While many of the parents on this show do more harm than good, Archie’s dad is always trying his best and definitely takes the award for “Riverdale” father of the year, though the competition isn’t exactly fierce. Fred Andrews is portrayed by Luke Perry of “90210” fame, and this role has been enough to make us forget about his teen heartthrob status and take him seriously as an actor. The shocking events of the Season One finale made us realize just how important Fred had become for both the audience and the other characters surrounding him.

#6: Kevin Keller

Even those familiar with the classic Archie comics from which “Riverdale” takes its inspiration might have wondered if the character of Kevin was created expressly for the show. In fact, Kevin Keller did appear in Archie comics, but only beginning in 2010 when co-CEO Jon Goldwater decided that Riverdale needed an LGBT character. On the show, Kevin acts as the gay bestie to Betty and Veronica , but also holds his own with storylines that outline the struggles of a gay character living in a small town. His presence gives the opportunity to touch on issues that would otherwise go unaddressed on a show like “Riverdale.”

#5: Cheryl Blossom

Skirting the line between lovable queen bee and straight up villainess, this character always keeps us guessing. She may sometimes seem like a caricature of a TV mean girl, but that doesn’t mean her story arc doesn’t have some serious meat to it. She comes from a seriously f-ed up family, so we’ll give her a pass for some of the more heinous things she does throughout the show. Cheryl is all about redemption, though, and with every episode she becomes more humanized as she embraces her softer side. Not to mention, she looks so flawless in every scene that we literally can’t look away.

#4: Archibald ‘Archie’ Andrews

In the Archie comics, the girls were always far more interesting than the titular character himself and that hasn’t really changed here. Being the brooding protagonist, Archie isn’t necessarily the most fun or colorful person in Riverdale. However, he certainly spices things up by getting hot and heavy with a teacher. As the show’s progressed, he has indeed proven to be more three dimensional, as well as a compelling lead. The show wouldn’t be what it is without him, which more than earns him a spot towards the top of this list.

#3: Forsythe ‘Jughead’ Jones III

Of all the characters to be adapted from the comic series to this darker live-action version, Jughead is probably the biggest departure. That’s by no means a bad thing, though. While his former persona was a fun-loving one whose primary concern was eating burgers, “Riverdale’s” Juggie is a touch more complex. He has led a troubled existence during his formative years, and can only now begin to lean on his friends for support. His character is ever-changing, but we’re still spreading the love for him no matter where his story goes.

#2: Veronica Lodge

Before seeing “Riverdale,” it would have been reasonable to assume that Veronica would be the same snobby stereotype we had come to know and love in the comics. The Veronica of “Riverdale,” however, is oh so different, using her powers for good rather than evil. Whether she’s befriending Betty or going up against Cheryl in an ultimate bad-girl showdown, we seriously cannot get enough. While Ronnie has come a long way since the beginning of season one, her tirade against slut shaming in the show’s third episode is still our favorite version of her we’ve seen so far.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Polly Cooper

Joaquin DeSantos

Mary Andrews

#1: Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Cooper

Archie may be the prototypical main character of “Riverdale,” but the true hero is without a doubt Betty Cooper. Her tight laced exterior is at odds with what is boiling just below the surface, and that makes her more interesting than anyone else on the show. She’s always out to do the right thing, whether it’s giving her boyfriend a special birthday surprise or saving her sister from a bunch of sinister nuns. Betty is the heart and soul of “Riverdale,” and her many layers always keep us guessing. Please let us see Dark Betty again sometime soon?

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