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Top 10 Craziest Riverdale Fan Theories

VO: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
Have you ever come up with any Riverdale fan theories? For this list, we’re looking all of the ideas people have of what could happen in the upcoming seasons of “Riverdale”. We’ve included theories like The Black hood is a collective, the sisters of Quiet Mercy control the black hood, Polly is in cahoots with Hiram, the Blossom family is part of a cult and more! Comment below your own theories!

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Top 10 Crazy Riverdale Fan Theories

On this show, you never know what can happen. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Crazy Riverdale Fan Theories.

For this list, we’re looking the wildest ideas people have of what has happened and what could happen in the hit show “Riverdale”.

#10: The Black Hood Is a Collective

We’ve got Reddit user whitneyflorence to thank for this one. In a post to the Riverdale subreddit, she suggests that rather than being a specific person, The Black Hood is actually a secret society. We already know that Hal wasn’t the only person acting as The Black Hood, so this isn’t actually that outlandish. She posits that perhaps this society has been around since the town’s inception, and was created as “A society that took it upon itself to keep the town idyllic, safe and innocent”. Considering what we know about the history of the town, this doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility!

#9: None of the Drama Is Real

Okay, so this one is a little more out there, and was also suggested by a Redditor. The framing device used in “Riverdale” is Jughead’s narration, and this fan wondered whether all of the dramatic events that take place on the show are actually fabricated by Juggie for his book. So, essentially, he’s just telling crazy stories in the interest of good fiction. Hey, let’s take it one step further: maybe his entire relationship with Betty is fictional too! We’ve gotta say, if this one ends up being true, we anticipate fans rioting in the streets.

#8: Jason and Cheryl Aren’t Actually Twins

There are way more than the average amount of twins in Riverdale, but this theory suggests that one of the town’s most famous sets are actually not twins at all. The idea is that Cheryl and Jason Blossom were actually fathered by twins . . . but aren’t twins themselves. Some fans believe that Claudius is Jason’s real father, and that after he was born, Cheryl was fathered by Clifford not long after, and that they were raised as twins to cover up the scandal. This would cast Clifford Blossom’s decision to murder Jason in a quite a different light, since the boy wasn’t actually his son.

#7: The Cooper Women Are Witches

This might be a step in the right direction for the fans who desperately want to see “Riverdale” do a crossover with 2018’s upcoming “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, which takes place in the same universe. In the world of “Sabrina”, witches can choose whether to use their magical powers or not, so perhaps Alice Cooper has opted to keep hers under wraps. Considering Betty’s dark streak, it doesn’t seem impossible that she could have some black magic inside her. In an attempt to link the two shows, some have even suggested that one of Polly’s twins could turn out to be Sabrina herself!

#6: The Sisters of Quiet Mercy Control the Black Hood

Okay, so we know these nuns are evil, but does that mean they’re behind The Black Hood? The Sisters of Quiet Mercy are some of the creepiest people we’ve encountered in “Riverdale”, and they do admittedly seem to share some values with The Black Hood. The focus on purity and ridding people of their sins is definitely a common thread, so it’s actually not much of a jump to question whether these two things are actually connected. Considering what we already know them to be capable of, this really doesn’t seem like a stretch.

#5: Penny Is Actually Betty's Mother

Back to the hub of fervent speculation that is Reddit! A forum user came up with an elaborate theory for why Penny is actually The Black Hood, but we’re now pretty sure that isn’t true, right? But they also suggest that Penny might be Betty’s biological mother. The idea is that Penny and Alice are half-sisters, and Alice decided to raise Penny’s daughter rather than have her become involved in the Serpents. Also, many fans think that Betty’s real brother, Charles, is actually still alive, which seems quite likely, and some viewers have taken it a step further to suggest that the minor character, Ben, is actually secretly Charles.

#4: Nana Rose Is the Black Hood

You’re probably thinking, “wait, that little old lady can’t be The Black Hood!”; but hear us out on this out-there theory. Throughout the show, we’ve seen Cheryl’s grandmother, Nana Rose, acting pretty senile, but what if this were just a cover to hide her sinister actions? A fan laid out an elaborate plot for how the Blossom matriarch could actually be the mastermind behind it all, suggesting that she actually has a motive behind each of the killings, in that all of the people targeted actually wronged one of her family members at some point. We admit though, this may be a little hard to believe. OR IS IT?

#3: The Blossom Family Is Part of a Satanic Cult

If you were to ask fans who is the most evil person on “Riverdale,” they may have a hard time coming to a consensus; but one of the top candidates would surely be Penelope Blossom. So it isn’t too much of a departure to suggest that she is not simply evil, but actually, uh, worships Satan… right? Penelope tries to poison Nana Rose with “tannis root”, which is not a real botanical, but which originated in the film “Rosemary’s Baby”. Some theorists have latched on to this minor fact to take it as a clue that the Blossoms are actually part of a Satanic cult.

#2: Polly Is in Cahoots with Hiram

There have been some strange alliances made on “Riverdale”, but perhaps no two characters have less in common than these ones. Admittedly though, Hiram has done some pretty underhanded stuff in the interest of gaining more control of the town, so why not pair up with someone as unlikely as new mom Polly? She has access to the Cooper family in a way that no one else does, and considering we have no idea what’s going on at that farm of hers, we really don’t know where her headspace is at.

#1: Hal Has a Twin

So here’s what we clearly know: twins are super common in the Blossom/Cooper bloodline, so we’re prepared for there to be new “twintroductions” at any time. We also know that Betty’s dad, Hal Cooper, confessed to being The Black Hood. But what if Hal wasn’t actually the one making that confession, or committing all those dark deeds? Is it possible that he, too, is a twin, and that the real Hal is actually missing in action? Or is it the other way ‘round or are they switching places or . . . phew. While this theory seems pretty off the wall, considering what we’re used to on “Riverdale”, it actually seems kind of reasonable.

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