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Top 10 People Who Accidentally Went Live On Twitch

VO: Dan Paradis
Script Written by These Twitch streamers were just minding their own business until they realized they were being watched. Whether they were making funny faces, fixing their outfits, or performing some deeply personal activities, we count down the Top 10 People Who Accidentally Went Live On Twitch! To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 People Who Accidentally Went Live on Twitch

These Twitch streamers were entertaining without even knowing it! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re doing the Top 10 People Who Accidentally Went Live on Twitch.

For this list, we’re looking at the times when twitch users were absolutely unaware that they were actually live, delivering to their audiences some very embarrassing private sessions.

10 – Making Money In His Sleep

This is called a happy accident! ONLYUSEmeBLADE is a streamer who completely forgot that his camera was still running. On the live feed, we see him arguing with his girlfriend because she wants to go out but he’s just too tired. She leaves the room and he instantly falls asleep on his bed, leaving the camera on the entire time. And then, something incredible happens: his spectators start giving him donations while he sleeps. The guy was literally making money in his sleep! Realizing his mistake, he wakes up and reveals a little too much in passing.

9 – Funny Faces

We don’t want to admit it, but we do really weird things when we’re alone. Or whenever we think we’re alone, like Twitch user sodapoppin! Just before starting his livestream, he plays around with the options of his streaming software. Unfortunately for him, he also accidentally launches the video and makes weird faces and grimaces for the next two minutes. The cringe is real. Meanwhile, his audience does not understand what’s happening, and joke around in the comments. Once he realizes he’s live, it’s too late. Special mention to the very cheesy “Helloooo”.

8 – Live Beauty Treatment

Evanneelizabeth is a Twitch gamer who defines herself as a geek. Just before starting her livestream, she settles in front of her green screen and prepares to be filmed. The thing is, the camera is already on and she’s live! We see her fix her hair, prepping herself, and even adjusting her cleavage. Talk about a live beauty treatment! The live feed ends abruptly when she realizes her mistake. Her facial expression when it dawns on her that’s she’s been adjusting her bra for her viewers is priceless.

7 – Surprise Face Cam

Oh! A wild twitch player appears! Celeste56 makes live videos of Pokemon Go, where she travels around looking for Pokémon to capture. So it’s not surprising that she goes out into the wild in search of some sweet Pokémon! However, she didn’t know that she was live, and even worse, her phone was recording with the front-facing camera, which is rarely flattering. Realizing this mistake, she swears a lot, screams, and swings her mobile phone away from her face. Now that’s “super effective”!

6 – Secret Identity Revealed

Twitch player DisguisedToast took the meaning of “showing your true face” just a bit too literally. While in a livestream playing Heartstone, the player, who wished to remain anonymous until then, activates his facecam to offer us a beautiful shot of his mug. When he sees what he’s done, he gets embarrassed, and quickly lowers the camera, screaming. It’s not that dramatic of a reveal but it’s obvious that he didn’t want to show his face to his audience. After all, he was meant to be a piece of toast in disguise! What a fail.

5 – Cat Cam

You know cats: always doing things their way. OMGchad’s cat reinforced this notion by starting his own livestream! While sleeping, OMGchad’s cat walks across his keyboard and starts up the camera. The result? A ten minute video during which we see a man sleeping and his tomcat rubbing the microphone. What if the cat secretly dreamed of being a Twitch streamer? Or could it be a plot for cats to take over the world via the Internet? Oh wait…they already have.

4 – Distasteful Donation

Now this is embarrassing! Twitch player KBubblez was live at home when she received a donation. Up until that point, everything was cool, and then, it wasn’t. She accidently triggers an automated voice reading of the text accompanying her donation. After hearing the comment KBubblez is clearly grossed out. To make matters worse, her dad was sitting right next to her! Talk about a seriously embarrassing moment!

3 – Toasted

What is this common passion for toast among Twitch users? This food was highlighted during one of lunalyrik’s streams, which she was unaware was even happening. Her and a friend have fun with a slice of bread she tries to eat. They then get down to business with dozens of pieces of sliced bread being thrown at the Twitch player. This strange moment comes off as a sketch right up to the point when someone reaches her by phone to tell her that she’s actually live. Lunalyrik seems to find that very funny and so do we.

2 – Bathroom Break

Beware, this entry does not smell good. Twitch streamers are just like anyone else and sometimes they need to answer nature’s call. This is exactly what cjayride did in this video when he takes a break during his livestream. He fixes his camera but forgets to turn off his microphone. For a brief moment, we hear exactly what cjayride is doing and it’s definitely not number one. If you are sensitive to gross stuff like this, we advise you mute the video at this point because there’s no doubt as to why his bathroom break is taking so long.
Before we unveil our number one pick, here are our honourable mentions:

1 – Relaxation Time

Some moments should really stay private. Just ask darksydephil! This Twitch user had the bad idea of prematurely turning on his camera. Right before starting the livestream, he gives himself a short break to relax. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it looks like he’s masturbating. This extremely embarrassing moment lasts about a minute and a half and shows a man who is deep in concentration and not at all expecting to be seen in (ahem) action. His reaction when he realizes he’s live is extreme discomfort, to say the least. We almost feel bad for him.


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