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Top 10 Gamers Banned From Twitch

VO: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
If it gets caught on camera, it’ll never go away. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Gamers Banned from Twitch. For this list, we’re looking at some of the most infamous video game streamers to get banned from the platform. Please be aware that some of these entries do contain stories of abuse, so viewer discretion is advised. To have your ideas turned into a WatchMojo or MojoPlays video, head over to http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and get to it!

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Top 10 Gamers Banned From Twitch

If it gets caught on camera, it’ll never go away. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 gamers banned from Twitch.

For this list, we’re looking at some of the most infamous video game streamers to get banned from the platform. Please be aware that some of these entries do contain stories of abuse, so viewer discretion is advised.

#10: SonOnOldSchool

This Canadian streamer was ban was a culmination of multiple things. After his content grew more erratic and he started drinking alcohol on stream, he made the mistake of letting his anger get the better of him. Already notorious for arguing with his own fans and viewers, he ended up taking it just a little too far. In a drunken rage, his stream became a slew of personal attacks on his viewers, as well as expressing incredibly racist sentiments. Twitch admins managed to put a stop to the abuse, and SonOnOldSchool has been perma-banned from the site ever since.

#9: Pink_Sparkles

Infamous for being the most hated streamer on Twitch, many people took issue with her for allegedly faking all of her gameplay footage. She’s been banned multiple times, usually for violating Twitch’s policies on nudity and lewd content every time she has an accidental wardrobe malfunction. But her biggest crime wasn’t any of these things; in the middle of a stream, she mistakenly ended up putting her view-bot software on screen. View-botting results in an automatic ban, though she’s since been allowed to pick up the controller again and re-join Twitch society.

#8: Blasting_Cap

Somebody else caught out for view-botting next, but the funny thing about Blasting_Cap’s Twitch downfall was how he reacted to being caught out. After multiple people already called him out during the stream for how high his numbers had suddenly grown, he firmly maintained that he wasn’t view-botting at all. He claims that the reason for the boost was … get this: from people coming over to his channel because of this very view-botting controversy, to see if it was true. Oh please! Really? His bullshit was confirmed when he accidentally put the software on screen, and he got banned in the middle of streaming. Shout out to Rath, for capturing this moment.

#7: Gross Gore

This guy just can’t stop himself from stirring up trouble. Gross Gore has been banned from Twitch more than once during his career. The first major incident was back in 2016, when he accused pro “League of Legends” players Febiven and Klaj of taking advantage of young girls, as well as another player, Krepo, of spreading rumors behind his back. These accusations were revealed to be false, and Gross Gore landed himself a ban. Though he swore to stay out of internet drama, in late 2018 he got banned once again. He was found to have harassed “Runescape” streamer Emilyispro and gotten into a fight at that year’s Runefest.

#6: KneeColeSlaw

Nicole Slaw drew the ire of the community after she was witnessed abusing her pet cat, Minou, live on stream while seemingly ignorant about how she was harming the poor creature. She later tweeted to say that she was not abusing the cat, but rather trying to remove one its claws after it scratched her when she was holding it, but the footage doesn’t offer much clarification. Regardless of what Nicole said after the fact, it was still disturbing enough that the people who tuned into her stream reported her for animal cruelty, and she received a ban. The fact she also forced her dog to drink wine during the same stream, and tightly restraining another cat didn’t help her case either.

#5: Deadmau5

When popular DJ Deadmau5 (Real name Joel Zimmerman) strayed from music and tried his hand at video game streaming, it didn’t go down well. During a stream of “PUBG,” Zimmerman unleashed a torrent of homophobic abuse at a player who sniped him, calling the player by a string of highly offensive slurs. Twitch responded accordingly and banned him, Joel later released a curse word fuelled statement claiming the comments weren’t intended to be homophobic and he meant no “ill will”. But also accused Twitch of double standards. Unsurprisingly; Twitch wasn’t impressed and upheld the ban, so Joel permanently deleted his own account out of spite. Though he did later release a more calm response where he apologised for his actions.

#4: JoeDaddy505

One of the most serious allegations to ever come out of a Twitch stream was levied at JoeDaddy505, or Joe Ortega, in 2016. After leaving his stream running, Ortega was overheard by viewers seriously abusing his partner live on air. The audio clip, which we can’t play here, allegedly shows his girlfriend threatening to call the police, at which point it sounds like he sexually assaults her. Horrifically, though the video was shown to New Mexico police officials, they said it wasn’t enough proof to charge him – though some unsubstantiated rumors claim Ortega has since been admitted to a mental hospital.

#3: ZilianOP

It’s all-too-easy to be caught out for lying when you live stream yourself for hours on end – as zilianOP found out the hard way. After gaining popularity for being an entertaining, wheelchair-bound streamer – to whom many fans donated their money – he lost it all by outing himself as a fraud. In a moment of rage, Angel Hamilton stood up from the wheelchair and walked away, all live on camera. Both he and his girlfriend had their accounts immediately closed by Twitch for violating the terms of service, and they also offered refunds to all those who were tricked into donating.

#2: MrDeadMoth

Unlike JoeDaddy505, MrDeadMoth is an abuser who actually did learn that his actions have consequences. Luke Mundy was overheard assaulting his partner in December 2018 while their two young daughters watched and cried, receiving a brief ban from Twitch. However, little under a month later, it was revealed Mundy had actually been charged with common assault and was banned by Twitch once again after a revision of their terms of use and harassment policies. It’s currently unclear whether this will be a permaban or not, and at time of writing his court case is still ongoing

#1: Phantoml0rd

Coming just mere weeks after YouTube Gamers “TmarTn” and “ProSyndicate” were caught in a major “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” gambling scandal. Twitch streamer Phantoml0rd was found to be the owner of the website he was promoting on his stream without disclosing. And found himself banned. Skins gambling resides in a legal grey area, but people suspected that Varga’s site was also rigged. He broadcasted himself repeatedly getting big wins, convincing his viewers – many of whom were minors – to sign up to the site. But it gets worse; in February 2019, he announced he was going to sue Twitch for monetary damages and lost income. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

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