Top 10 YouTubers Who Got Robbed
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Top 10 YouTubers Who Got Robbed

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Some things can never be replaced. And YouTubers getting robbed might be more common thank you might think. For this list, we're looking at well-known YouTubers who were robbed on or off camera, or who had their houses broken into by would-be burglars. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 YouTubers Who Got Robbed.
Script written by Caitlin Johnson

Top 10 YouTubers Who Got Robbed

Some things can never be replaced. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 YouTubers who got robbed.

For this list, we’re looking at well-known YouTubers who were robbed on or off camera, or who had their houses broken into by would-be burglars. Our ranking is based on both the YouTuber’s fame and how dramatic the theft was.

#10: BFvsGF

During a regular night out vlogging with a friend of hers, prank YouTuber Jeana Smith announced that she and friend Kelly had both been scammed by the same guy at earlier points in their lives. They were both approached on the street by a man crying his eyes out, saying his wife and child had been in a terrible car accident and he needed money - $23 to be precise. Jeana says she felt so bad for him that she walked to the ATM and gave him the money. Upon realizing it wasn’t legit, she rented a bike and spent the rest of the day searching for him.

#9: FunForLouis

Travelling the world comes with its fair share of risks, but ironically popular travel vlogger Louis Cole was back home in England when he was robbed. During a vlog, a panicking Louis confides to the camera that his bag has gone missing, containing his laptop, DSLR camera and passport. After spending the whole night searching for it and reporting it to the police, he still couldn’t find it. While he managed to track the laptop to Bethnal Green, the police were unable to return Louis’s stuff to him and he had to apply for a new, rush passport.

#8: CreepsMcPasta

While he was away at the Insomnia Gaming Festival, streamer CreepsMcPasta’s house was broken into and completely raided. The burglars took their time and stripped the house bare, taking anything even slightly valuable. This included all of his gaming equipment and computers, as well as a laptop and PlayStation 4 belonging to his friend. It left him unable to create more content, something especially hard for a YouTuber so reliant on his equipment, and after already having his income halved by YouTube’s demonetization. Luckily, a GoFundMe set up by a friend raised £30,000 from loyal fans to help him get back on track.

#7: Lance Stewart

Vine star and social media influencer Lance Stewart and his friend Aiden were having fun playing with a hoverboard in a parking lot, when somebody walked up and stole Aiden’s bag from right under their noses. They didn’t realise until later on that his stuff was even gone. The bag contained his wallet, ID, and his US visa, putting him at risk. Despite Aiden’s best efforts to chase down the guy, they’re not able to catch him and get Aiden’s stuff. Remarkably, they did manage to catch the theft on camera, showing the man who took the bag and which way he walked off.

#6: SoCloseToToast

This popular YouTube beatboxer returned home after time away to find that thieves had thrown a brick through his bedroom window and raided his apartment. He hadn’t lived there long, but was heartbroken that his home had been destroyed so quickly, and to make matters worse, he didn’t have insurance to cover the damage. The thieves took his XBox, his screens, and everything in his safe. His ends his vlog by encouraging his fans to get insurance, look after themselves, and not to assume that a burglary can’t happen to them.

#5: Ali-A

On a trip to London to attend a birthday party, gamer Ali-A – most popular for his “Call of Duty” videos – made the mistake of forgetting to lock his car. He suspected somebody watched him pull into the parking lot and saw that he forgot to lock it, and that they then entered through the front of the car to get at the valuables in the back. After returning to the car Ali realized his bags were missing from the trunk, which included his high-end camera full of irreplaceable vlog footage. He admits it was partly his own fault for forgetting to lock the car, but getting robbed still sucks.

#4: Philip DeFranco

A video made by news vlogger DeFranco’s wife Lindsay on their family channel tells this story in full. She explains that while Phil was away on a trip to Austin, their house was broken into in the night. Luckily, they had a burglar alarm installed, and she was able to get on the phone to 911 almost immediately, hiding upstairs with a gun, taser, and son. The police response was fast and efficient; about eight cops and a helicopter were sent to the house, and thanks to the would-be robbers fled. The situation was clearly still very traumatic for the family, though.

#3: whiteboy7thst

Getting robbed is bad enough. But for gaming YouTuber Alex, aka whiteboy7thst, that wasn’t the worst of it. In his vlog after his house was robbed, he thanked fans for their support, but the emotional toll soon got him as he showed the damage that had been done to his place at the same time. The robbers also trashed his house, breaking more things than they stole. He came back to a huge mess, including finding a memorial he built to his late mother vandalized. The thieves gained access by pushing his air conditioner through a window and breaking it. At least his cat was safe and sound after the ordeal.

#2: MarzBar

These thieves had guts to break into gaming streamer and lifestyle vlogger MarzBar’s house in the middle of the day. Even crazier, he was partway through recording a new video when it happened. He tells the camera he heard three faint knocks on his bedroom door; when he answered it there was nobody there and he heard somebody shout, “Go, go, go!” as the thieves fled. After a quick walk through the house, he sees the spare house keys and car keys are missing, and he records his conversation with the police dispatcher. After getting the locks changed, nothing more is stolen, but we’re giving this a high place on our list for the sheer nerve of the burglars.

#1: Jeffree Star

In March 2019, beauty vlogger and makeup guru Jeffree Star went quiet on social media for a while, eventually revealing that it was due to an enormous robbery of his new Blue Blood cosmetics line. Roughly $2.5 MILLION worth of brand-new cosmetics were stolen from a warehouse, which he suspects is part of a large makeup black market. Corroborating these claims, various stolen items started showing up on social media, and Star has hired private detectives as well as getting the FBI involved to try to catch the culprits.